Month: December 2019

Neurotic depression

Today, many people know about the existence of neuritic depression. Modern life dictates its own rules, for which you often have to deal with stress and depression, with emotional and psychological stress. Neurotic depression requires a certain qualified approach to eliminate it. Meanwhile, most people, unfortunately, do not go to appointments with specialists, trying to cope with this […]

Head injuries dangerous depression yami

American experts concluded that women and men with head injuries are more at risk of developing depression than children with the same injuries. But as for children, in this area an insufficient number of studies has been conducted. This led scientists to further study the prevalence of this disease among children with head injuries, including concussion. Using […]

Scientists: Migraines May Depress

According to a study by Canadian scientists published in the scientific publication Depression Research and Treatment, people who are diagnosed with migraines are twice as likely to experience protracted depression. To confirm this data, scientists analyzed data obtained from 67 thousand patients suffering from migraines, which were registered in 2005-2007. They determined that 1 out of […]

Stress and depression are inherited, doctors say

Researchers from the University of Zurich concluded that stressful situations negatively affect metabolism and are inherited. These results were confirmed by studies in laboratory mice. The experiment showed that after the rodents were stressed, the same stressful state was reflected in their offspring. Specialists compared micro RNAs of animals that were stressed at the beginning of […]

Protracted depression is a disease of modern society

According to scientists, the main ailment of modern society due to its continuous development is protracted depression – a psychological disorder characterized by a loss of interest in life, a loss of the ability to experience joy, impaired positive thinking, and a decrease in self-esteem. The most dangerous prolonged depression – with inaction, it can become irreversible and entail […]

Scientists have proven that obesity and depression impair memory

Loss of memory can cause the development of dementia and a disease such as dementia. Scientists made such an input during a study to monitor trends in memory loss due to lifestyle and other factors that affect the health status of modern people. At the moment, there is a weakening of memory in young people aged 18-39 […]