Scientists have proven that obesity and depression impair memory

Loss of memory can cause the development of dementia and a disease such as dementia. Scientists made such an input during a study to monitor trends in memory loss due to lifestyle and other factors that affect the health status of modern people. At the moment, there is a weakening of memory in young people aged 18-39 years.

According to studies of an earlier period, it can be argued that there is a correlation between the state of health and the functions of clarity of thinking and memory. So it was found that who in their youth had no problems with the heart and blood vessels, cognitive functions manifest themselves much better. Thus, the condition of the arteries is directly related to the functions of memory.

The results of studies conducted earlier demonstrated the connection between health and cognitive functions, the ability of a person to process thoughts. It is noted that the cognitive system works better for those who at a young age did not experience problems with the organs of the cardiovascular system. Because arteries are directly related to memory problems.

According to the results, the risk factors that affect a person’s ability to remember include diabetes, depression, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual licentiousness, a low level of education, infatuation with low-grade spectacles, and head injuries.


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