Month: October 2021

Biological therapy for schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disease of a biological nature, its manifestations are eliminated by influencing the metabolism of biologically active substances in the brain. Since the discovery in the 1950s of the first psychotropic drug, chlorpromazine, there has been a revolution in the treatment of mental disorders, especially schizophrenia. Until this time, the most popular treatments for schizophrenia were insulin therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and lobotomy. Medical treatment was more symptomatic […]

Treating schizophrenia with psychotherapy

Treatment for schizophrenia is impossible without psychotherapy. Modern psychotherapy for schizophrenia is distinguished by a humane attitude towards the patient, an attitude towards him as a full and active participant in the treatment process, collaborating with a doctor. In the first stage of treatment for schizophrenia, her psychotherapy was usually carried out in an individual form, later there was an interest in group therapy for schizophrenia and, finally, in family therapy . This […]

Rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disease that primarily affects the social aspects of a person’s life. it is manifested by an increase in isolation, self- doubt, fear of the surrounding reality and inability to adequately assess it, loss of emotional contacts, social skills. In the end, all this leads to the loss of these people from society, which further contributes to the progression of the disease. In addition […]

Recommendations for relatives of schizophrenic patients

What to do if a loved one has schizophrenia What should be the sequence of your actions, if someone – that of the closest people to you has schizophrenia? See an experienced doctor. Remember that the time limit are important and in many ways determine the success of therapy. Most often, treatment of schizophrenia should be started in a hospital, it should include an accurate diagnosis, since […]

VSD or depression

Vegetovascular dystonia (VVD) and depression are associated both as two simultaneously occurring diseases, and as the main problem and its symptom. Disorders of the autonomic nervous system lead to the appearance of neuroses, obsessive thoughts, a depressive state. At times, depression becomes the first symptom of vegetative imbalance. Therefore, when contacting a doctor with signs of […]