Month: April 2019

Depression as a cause of pain in the jaw joints

Joints – mobile connections of the skeleton bones, providing the possibility of movement. The human body has more than 350 joints. But if we consider the skull, then the only moving bone in it is the lower jaw, which connects with it through the most complex and “capricious” joint – the temporomandibular. Joint dysfunctions bring many inconveniences to […]

Depression with a smile

Patients suffering from depression seem gloomy to us, always suffering and unable to enjoy life. However, a person with depression may seem quite normal and even happy to others. He may have a job, a family, a home — and no particular reason for longing and sadness. Such a person can maintain a pleasant conversation, smile and joke, […]

How to help your child cope with depression?

Depression is a difficult and painful process for people. However, not only adults are subject to this condition – the child can also experience depressive feelings. Not all parents know how to behave in a situation where children experience emotional distress. Watching this, adults behave, most often, in this way: they try to distract the child, to occupy […]

Postpartum depression: when is it time to “sound the alarm”?

The birth of a child in the family brings a lot of joy and happiness. However, apart from the positive aspects, this event can lead to chronic fatigue, feeling unwell, stress, and even depression. Most often, everything a woman who recently became a mother observes from TV screens and glossy magazines is a happy motherhood and tips […]

Medications for depression: aren’t pills dangerous?

The modern world significantly changes the lives of people, they are often subjected to stress – physical and psycho-emotional. Many people often note sleep problems, anxiety, sharp mood swings, changes in working capacity and various ailments. Parts of patients at the reception doctors diagnose   depression, and some people themselves define its symptoms by resorting to the use of […]

Summer depression: who is not happy about summer?

Around wild nature blooms, strawberries ripen on the beds, the sun caresses the skin with pale rays after the winter. People are going on vacation, happily taking light dresses and shorts. And to some people, all these signs of the coming summer are across the throat. And the closer the summer, the more melancholy melancholy, the less often […]