Month: April 2020

Psychologists warn of the danger of bullying in the workplace

Studies have shown that bullying in the workplace can gradually lead to mental health problems for the victim, leading to depression, anxiety and the development of post-traumatic stress syndrome. The study showed that victims of hooligans in the workplace are most likely taking antidepressants, sleeping pills, sedatives, and other psychotropic drugs. Witnesses – people who witnessed […]

A Natural Way to Treat Postpartum Depression – Skin Contact

For many women, motherhood can be overwhelming. New responsibilities related to hormonal changes can be especially difficult for mothers giving birth for the first time. Many mothers usually experience postpartum depression, while their psyche and body adapt to a new role, especially during the first six weeks after giving birth. Symptoms usually include sadness, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, […]

Genes that cause birth defects can also lead to mental illness

Genetic mutations are known to cause serious birth defects in developing embryos. Scientists have now discovered that another important health condition is involved in this process: mental illness. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco examined a mutation of the Dact1 gene in mice that disrupts the coding of the Dact1 protein and disrupts cell signaling […]

Infectious diseases cause mental disorders

A new study by Danish scientists has shown that autoimmune disorders and infections increase the risk of developing mental illness such as depression. The study involved more than 3 million people. It has been found that people hospitalized with various infections have a 62% greater chance of getting a mood disorder. In patients hospitalized with autoimmune diseases, the […]