A Natural Way to Treat Postpartum Depression – Skin Contact

For many women, motherhood can be overwhelming. New responsibilities related to hormonal changes can be especially difficult for mothers giving birth for the first time.

Many mothers usually experience postpartum depression, while their psyche and body adapt to a new role, especially during the first six weeks after giving birth. Symptoms usually include sadness, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, fear, and a sense of inferiority. Postpartum depression affects not only the mother, but also the baby, and also puts them at risk of developing difficulties in the social, emotional and cognitive spheres.

According to the Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Neonatal Care, skin contact between a mother and an infant can be an alternative therapy for the mother, who is trying to avoid the use of drugs.

Mothers who spent at least six hours a day on skin contact with the baby during the first week and at least two hours in the next month were reported to have less depressive symptoms and showed lower salivary cortisol levels Colleagues.

For a baby, skin contact helps to satisfy the need for human contact and helps promote communication with the mother. It releases maternal oxytocin, which enhances the feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Studies in the journal Pediatrics have shown that skin contact even reduces infant crying by 43 percent even three hours a day. This can lead to a significant reduction in stress for the mother, who would otherwise experience uncertainty about how to calm the crying baby. In addition, it was shown that these children fall asleep more easily and sleep longer, allowing newly-minted mothers to get more time to relax and more opportunities to further reduce stress levels.

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