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Safe treatment for schizophrenia

Since it is already certain that schizophrenia – a group of diseases that are caused by a combination of exposure to biological, psychological and social factors, then , and all methods of treatment are in line with the impact on these groups of causes. So, biological factors are everything that concerns the somatic state of a person, the characteristics of his development and the consequences […]

The causes of schizophrenia

About Schizophrenia is known already for many centuries. All this time, both its manifestations and the reasons were explained in a variety of ways. However, it was described precisely as a separate disease at the beginning of the twentieth century. Its boundaries periodically changed (expanded and narrowed), even throughout the twentieth century, when, it would seem, science had already stepped far forward. However, and to date it has not yet entirely clear what exactly is it […]

Residual schizophrenia

Residual schizophrenia is called schizophrenia, which continues to bother the patient (and more – his relatives) a year after the successful treatment of acute psychosis. A period of one year is a fairly conventional unit for determining the diagnosis of residual schizophrenia. The interval can last from nine to fourteen months, which suggests chronic schizophrenia. Symptoms of residual schizophrenia Negative signs prevail (the scientific term for this […]

Catatonic schizophrenia

Catatonic schizophrenia (F20.2 according to ICD-10) is a form of schizophrenia in which a complex of mental and musculo-motor disorders is observed . Symptoms of catatonic schizophrenia Catatonic stupor – a condition where the patient is in one, and that is “a frozen state” in for hours and even many days. Sometimes, with prolonged immobility, this condition can contribute to compression of the soft tissues of the […]

Schizophrenia myths

What do the relatives of people with schizophrenia face when they hear the diagnosis? On the one hand, there is pity, since this is a dear person, on the other … there may be fear, and sometimes – hostility, because a serious flaw in our society – stigma – teaches us that it is dangerous, difficult, incurable and hopeless. Is […]

Treatment of a schizophrenic patient

The most correct and optimal treatment for schizophrenia is considered to be a comprehensive treatment, which includes: · Drug treatment; · Non-drug methods of treatment; · Psychosocial impact: cognitive- behavioral therapy, meta-cognitive training, professional employment, social skills training, family psychotherapy, psychoeducation . About 30% of patients with schizophrenia are resistant to medical treatment (psychotropic drugs). In addition, patients with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, personality schizotypal disorder may […]

Electroencephalography for schizophrenia

In schizophrenia, changes in the bioelectrical activity of the brain, recorded on the EEG, are detected very often. They are not pronounced, incomprehensible and weakly associated with the intensity of clinical symptoms. Minimal cerebral dysfunction can be observed in the premorbid period and be a marker of the risk of psychosis, its prognosis and course. No specific EEG […]

Schizophrenia and autoimmune limbic encephalitis

Currently, among psychiatrists and in the special scientific and medical literature, there is no consensus on the etiology and pathogenesis of the development of schizophrenia. In the clinic of Professor V.L. Minutes in Moscow, in the treatment of this disease, they are of the opinion that herpes viruses are involved in the genesis of schizophrenia. When activated, the […]

Functional neuroanatomy of schizophrenia

At this point in time, the diagnosis of “schizophrenia” today is made on the basis of subjective data, which are based on the observation of the patient and the study of his experiences – that is, at the phenomenological level. Brain studies after the death of patients show that schizophrenia can have various neuropathological processes. But the new methods […]

Schizophrenia statistics

Schizophrenia is widespread among mental illnesses and is one of the causes of disability in people. But the first place in terms of disability is occupied by patients with cardiovascular diseases. In the United States, there is a low standard of living for people with schizophrenia. 5% are homeless, 5% are permanently in hospitals or boarding schools, 6% […]