Author: Kroll

Features of taking antidepressants and their effect on the body

When a person is tormented by a headache, heart or fever, taking painkillers or other necessary medicine is considered the norm. But in a situation where a person develops depression, taking antidepressants causes resistance and a number of questions. What for? Why? What side effects do they cause? They are the most common questions not […]

Codependency Syndrome

Often, relatives of drug addicts or alcoholics develop emotional codependency, which is a rather detrimental condition. Accompanied by a mental disorder, as well as social and personal degradation, a problem of this nature needs immediate correction. Working with co- dependent relatives is an important part of the rehabilitation program for a person suffering from this […]

How to improve mental health

Each person should pay close attention to maintaining their own mental health, because social, physical and mental well-being depends on it. Only mentally healthy people are able to most effectively realize themselves in society and be able to successfully withstand numerous daily stresses. The main indicators of a healthy psyche The health of the human […]

Brain response to beauty: neuroaesthetics and its characteristic features

For each person, the word beauty has its own, individual meaning. We evaluate the beautiful according to our own, clearly formulated criteria. Are there generally accepted, common to all people, parameters for measuring the beauty and aesthetics of what is in front of us? What reactions occur in the brain when we look at an […]

Marijuana use provokes early development of mental disorders

Studies by scientists have shown that people after regular smoking of marijuana, mental disorders occur on average 2.7 years earlier than people who do not use marijuana. Marijuana and mental disorders Meanwhile, we cannot deny some connection between smoking conventional cigarettes and the manifestation of mental illness, however, there are studies that prove that neither […]

What is Oneiroid Syndrome or Journey to Fairy Worlds

Oneiroid stupefaction, or oneiroid syndrome, is an acute psychotic condition. Consciousness at the same time resembles more a dream filled with fantastic content. Manifested by a person’s complete detachment from reality. Hallucinations and illusory images are mixed with reality. With oneiroid stupefaction, there is a contradictory attitude of the patient to what is happening, non-purposeful […]