What is Othello syndrome?

Othello’s syndrome is a mental disorder, the main symptom of which is the delirium of jealousy in men for their beloved ladies. Men with Othello syndrome believe that their spouse or lover is cheating on them or has cheated on them in the past. Othello syndrome in men is accompanied by a persistent delusion of jealousy, they cannot be persuaded, they are looking for confirmation of their innocence in all the actions of their spouse. Patients with delusions of jealousy often test and provoke their lovers, arrange constant checks.

Pathological jealousy is of two types:

obsessive jealousy

psychotic jealousy

obsessive jealousy

In a state of obsession, a person cannot get any thought out of his head. With obsessive thoughts about betrayal, a person understands deep down that this is most likely not the case, but he cannot control himself and stop thinking about it. It is possible to convince a person, for example, by providing evidence.

psychotic jealousy

With this type, the patient has no doubt that his wife is cheating on him, the delirium of jealousy cannot be dissuaded. Thoughts and actions are aimed at convicting his wife of treason. Even with the provision of irrefutable evidence, a person with delusions of jealousy will continue to suspect treason, check underwear, shoes, clothes, personal correspondence at work with colleagues. The patient can organize surveillance, hire private detectives. Any call on his wife’s phone is perceived by a person with delusions of jealousy as a call from a lover. On rare occasions, it can escalate to violence.

The reasons

Delusions of jealousy can develop in various diseases. With schizophrenia, the delirium of jealousy takes possession of the entire consciousness of the patient, and is dominant in the life of the patient’s actions and actions. Often at the same time, the patient can hear voices indicating to him what exactly needs to be done and how to act. With depression, the delirium of jealousy is due to low mood and the conviction that no one loves him, no one needs him, he is tired of his wife and she found another.

Also, delusions of jealousy can be observed with brain damage, abuse of alcohol, cocaine or amphetamines. Sometimes Othello syndrome in men can occur with sexual dysfunction.


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