Causes of constant feelings of anxiety and fear

Surely every person at least once in his life experienced a feeling of anxiety and fear. These are normal emotions that help protect against the dangers that sometimes occur on the path of life. However, if anxiety increases in scale, becomes constant and painful, it begins to cause inconvenience and suffering. A vivid manifestation of this state is a panic attack (or in other words, a panic attack).

Why there is a constant feeling of anxiety and fear

The reasons for the appearance of feelings of anxiety and fear can be different. These include constant stress that a person experiences in everyday life, complex unforeseen situations, genetic predisposition, etc. As practice shows, these disorders occur in people with a special temperament (usually those who have an anxious and suspicious personality type).

Very often, increased anxiety is associated with a person’s feelings about their health and life. The patient begins to pay special attention to certain sensations in the body, carefully monitors the work of the heart, the breathing process. It seems to him that he develops some kind of disease that will surely lead to death. This is how a panic attack develops.

As a rule, this disorder is accompanied not only by excruciating anxiety and fear, but also by unpleasant somatic symptoms: a feeling of lack of air, increased heart rate, excessive sweating, trembling in the body. These are all manifestations of an anxiety disorder. In many cases, a person considers these sensations to be the cause of feelings of anxiety and fear: I do not have enough air, I have nothing to breathe, so I have a feeling of anxiety. In reality, everything happens exactly the opposite: it is anxiety that leads to unpleasant autonomic disorders.

How to get rid of constant feelings of anxiety and fear

Therapy of anxiety disorders should be, first of all, individual and complex. The best result is achieved with a combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy. Of the drugs, tranquilizers, antidepressants and auxiliary agents are commonly used.

From psychotherapeutic methods, cognitive-behavioral therapy is used. Its purpose is to convince the patient not to be afraid of danger. A person must not only know how to cope with feelings of anxiety, but must also learn to face the dangers. Only in this way can he cope with anxiety disorders.

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