When to Call a Psychiatrist

Emergency psychiatric care is required for many reasons. Disorders of mood, memory, perception, aggressive or inappropriate behavior, clouding of consciousness or delirium, constant anxiety, depressive or manic disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and their complications, human suicide attempts – any of these pathological disorders can serve as a reason for calling a psychiatrist at home .

Benefits of providing mental health care at home

A very important role in the effectiveness of treatment is played by the conversation of a psychiatrist with a mentally ill person in the usual and natural conditions for him. During the conversation, the doctor has the opportunity to slowly talk with the patient and his close circle, observe his behavior, carefully examine him and draw preliminary conclusions about his state of health.

The indisputable advantage of calling a psychiatrist at home in Moscow is that qualified psychiatric care is provided by a psychiatrist who has the necessary knowledge, experience and, most importantly, sensitivity. It is these qualities that make it possible to provide assistance, to calm the patient not only by prescribing psychotropic drugs, but also by using various psychotherapeutic techniques.

If necessary, during the consultation process, the question of the advisability of placing the patient in a psychiatric hospital is decided. One of the main tasks of a psychiatrist in this case is to help relatives cope with the patient’s hospitalization. This becomes possible due to the ability to instantly respond to a situation, make rational decisions in a timely manner and foresee all possible ways of development of events.

Call a psychiatrist to the house of the elderly

Older people suffer from mental illness much more often than younger people. This is due to aging and gradual deterioration of the nervous system. Pathological changes in the psyche manifest themselves in different ways: in an elderly person, attention and memory deteriorate, amnesia occurs, depressive disorders appear, the perception of the surrounding reality is distorted, intelligence decreases, and strange behavior is observed.

If you do not provide timely assistance and let the disease take its course, the outcome can be disastrous. It often happens that an elderly person leaves home, forgets where his house is, gets lost. In most cases, there is a destruction of elementary self-service skills. As a result, the patient is not able to eat, take medicine, go to the toilet, etc. on his own. Calling a psychiatrist to the elderly at home will improve a person’s health and prevent serious consequences of age-related pathological changes in the psyche.

Getting out of drinking at home

Alcoholism and its complications are good enough reasons to call a doctor at home (Moscow). The fact is that during binges there is a strong intoxication of the body with alcohol and its decay products. It is the psychiatrist who can adequately assess the severity of the patient, decide on further tactics and the place of his treatment: either at home or in a hospital. Also during the consultation, the psychiatrist gives answers to all the questions of interest to the relatives of the alcoholic, dispels all their doubts and fears, and also provides them with psychological assistance.

If you or your loved ones need psychiatric help in Moscow, especially urgent, look for a competent psychiatrist and call him to your house. Remember: the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will be healthy.

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