Month: June 2019

5 important things that depression teaches

In the modern world, it is considered that   depression   – extremely negative emotional state, from which, if it arose, you need to immediately get rid of. Doctors, in this case, prescribe antidepressants, psychotherapy, which help to cope with the depressive state. However, there is a downside to depression, which is worth considering. Many American scientists have thought that obsession with […]

Myths about postpartum depression: “Yes, it’s just hormones”

Recently, the world seems to have swept the epidemic of depression. Teenage, senile, and even now the postpartum – what is it, a new fashion? There is, of course, a confusion of concepts, when the seasonal “blues” or “Anglitsky spleen”, about which Pushkin wrote, are called depression. But in reality, such a disease exists, and more often than […]

Depression in children: diagnosis and treatment

Many parents are suspicious of allegations that children are depressed, just like adults. They see this as the usual children’s whims and are confident that everything will pass by itself. Such an approach is erroneous and can even lead to tragic consequences. Very often the cause of teen suicides becomes   depression, which adults did not respond in time. In […]

Last year – not a reason for depression

Few people in their lives at least once did not face pre-New Year depression. This unpleasant state is especially acutely felt against the background of the universal celebration of life, bright shop windows, sparkling Christmas trees and sparkling with strained merry advertisements. Sufferers reproach themselves and circumstances for a failed life, and MedAboutMe understands what actually causes […]