Month: February 2021

Treatment for depression with Shenmen acupuncture and microcurrents

Many decades ago, microcurrent stimulation was used to treat various somatic and mental illnesses. Basically, low-intensity direct current was used, which provided monophase or two-phase pulsed currents. Microcurrents were passed through the brain to treat depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. This type of current was effective for pain syndromes in muscles and wounds. Microcurrent exposure eliminated the side effects of […]

Intranasal ketamine therapy for depression

In the treatment of depressive conditions, inhibitors of N-methyl-D- aspartate (NMDA) receptors, in particular ketamine, are used. With intranasal administration of this drug, there is a rapid recovery from resistant depression within a day. When prescribing this drug, there are no side effects, including hemodynamic disturbances and dissociative disorders. Thus, the use of this drug is a very effective method for the relief of prolonged and […]

Cytokine immunotherapy and depression

At the turn of the century, Capuron et al. Discovered the ability of cytokines to induce depression. Cytokines began to be used to treat cancer, in particular metastatic melanomas and viral hepatitis C. Cytokines IL-2 and IFN-alpha were used. Patients with cancer often fall into depression, which is manifested by low self-esteem and psychomotor retardation. Patients with hepatitis C have episodes of depression interspersed with manias. […]

Depression in diabetes mellitus

With diabetes mellitus, depression can develop. They differ in a variety of clinical manifestations. From mild (anxiety- phobic ) with asthenia to severe (melancholic) depression. In many diseases of the endocrine system, there is no strict correspondence between the type of metabolic disorder and various types of mental disorders. (M. Bleuler , 1954). The prevalence of depression in diabetes mellitus is high, […]

Video games and depression

In connection with the development of digital technologies in the world, addiction to computer games has appeared. It occurs when a teenager or adult spends more than four hours a day playing. Boys in adolescence who are addicted to computer games may develop episodes of depression that manifest with anxiety and irritability ( Journal ” Computers in Human Behavior “). To overcome addiction […]