Year: 2021

Why treating bulimia is important and how to do it right

Bulimia nervosa, or simply bulimia, is an eating disorder (EID) mental illness characterized by excessive weight anxiety, binge eating, and regular attempts to clear food from the body . How to suspect bulimia Bulimia can be suspected by the following: 1 Concern about your weight , perception of yourself as being too fat, obsessive fear of getting fat. 2 Severe hunger is an obsessive, uncontrollable desire to eat. 3 Regular […]

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): diagnosis and current treatments

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a mental disorder that manifests itself as excessive anxiety in daily life and affects many areas: relationships, family, finances, work, school, health, political and world affairs. People with GAD tend to feel like they have no control over the situation, that something must go wrong and could even end in disaster. They avoid events that could have negative consequences and spend significant […]

Is it worth talking about a mental disorder to loved ones

Clients often ask, ” Should I tell my loved ones that I have been diagnosed with a mental disorder?” I can not answer for the client, but I help to make a choice. When a question is formulated, arguments appear automatically. But we can forget some, ignore others , and some arguments can only come to mind after a purposeful analysis of the situation. Therefore, it is important to […]

The story of a woman who has experienced depression, panic attacks, an eating disorder and attempted suicide

About guilt over parental relationships and panic attacks As psychologists and psychotherapists say , many problems stretch back from childhood. I was no exception, as my family was and is very restless. The relationship between the parents was similar to sadomasochism. I took everything that happened at my own expense – I took on all the emotional burden and tried to figure out what was wrong, what was happening. From early childhood there were seizures. I woke up in fear, […]

Neurasthenia test

Neurasthenia – a mental disorder associated with the depletion of the overload Neurasthenia is a neurotic disorder that occurs due to depletion of the nervous system after prolonged overload. Neurotic disorders (a modern analogue of neuroses) are a group of reversible, functional disorders that are caused by psychological reasons. The word “functional” in this case means that the symptoms of dysfunction of […]


Symptoms and signs of brain encephalopathy develop in children and adults for various reasons and are difficult to treat. Often, the consequences of degenerative changes in white and gray matter are irreversible and potentially fatal. Brain encephalopathy is a disease that is a variant of cerebrovascular disease (CVD). It arises as a result of metabolic disorders in […]

Can you die from epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a dangerous neurological disease, potentially fatal. A seizure by itself can be fatal. The risk of death increases from complications of seizures: falls, road accidents. Specific treatment helps to protect against adverse outcomes. Answering the question: “can a person die from an epileptic seizure?” Of course, subject to the necessary safety precautions and certain restrictions. Causes of […]

Post-traumatic epilepsy

A phenomenon such as epilepsy after a head injury is recognized without problems, by symptoms, and seizures due to TBI, special treatment is necessary. The development of painful seizures after trauma is typical for people who have an initial predisposition to epilepsy. Doctors come across cases when such patients have previously encountered epilepsy of one type or […]

Consequences of VSD

What can lead to and whether VSD (vegetative vascular dystonia) is dangerous for a person’s life worries those who have symptoms of the syndrome. The problem itself is not dangerous, it is eliminated in the case of a timely visit to a doctor in order to undergo an examination and exclude the pathology of internal organs. […]

Symptoms of the VSD in adults

Vegetovascular dystonia is a syndrome characterized by a wide range of manifestations. It is not a full-fledged disease; revision 10 is not mentioned in the international classification of diseases. But people are in serious trouble. Doctors in the CIS diagnose VSD in the case when it is impossible to identify a specific disease, and the symptoms are […]