Month: April 2021

Bipolar depression therapy

Placebo control showed a pronounced efficacy of modern drugs – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Moreover, the exacerbation of the disease (in rather rare cases) during their intake occurs with an equally low frequency, regardless of whether the patient took the drug, or a dummy-placebo, whether he received treatment from a psychotherapist. Antidepressants should be prescribed in a psychiatric hospital for the treatment of bipolar depression in a strictly differentiated manner, with […]

Bipolar Depression Clinic

Bipolar disorder begins with a depressive state in more than half of patients, which requires careful analysis to exclude symptomatic similar ailments. Symptoms of bipolar depression The clinical picture of bipolar depression observed retardation, severe drowsiness, and in the time, such as when the recurrence (recurrent, severe) depression may occur expressed vegetative symptoms (inner tension, headache, heaviness in the chest, lack of appetite, sleep disturbances). With BD […]

Latent depression

Latent depressions are somatized (with external manifestations of physical disorders) mental disorders, which have been described in the boundaries of affective pathology since the last third of the 19th century . To date, it has become apparent that somatized mental disorders are observed in mild and atypical depression. Indeed, there is now an increase in the number of somatized , erased depressions. However, this does not mean at all that the number of these […]

Nutrition for depression

Everyone knows that nutrition affects the state of the body as a whole. The level of cholesterol, the state of the musculoskeletal system, and even the risk of cancer of one or another organ depend , among other things, on how a person eats. Increasingly, scientists are finding a connection between what we eat and the state of our emotional background. Dr. Wurtman (University of Massachusetts) claims that […]

Depression myths

In contrast to somatic diseases, which almost always find themselves in dire physical pain and other external manifestations of bright, depression often do not receive appropriate treatment, although it is quite debilitating and serious illness. Absenteeism , a significant decrease in working capacity, testicular problems, disruption of relations with children, parents, friends, etc. – these are the few of the existing consequences that threaten the lack of […]