Latent depression

Latent depressions are somatized (with external manifestations of physical disorders) mental disorders, which have been described in the boundaries of affective pathology since the last third of the 19th century .

To date, it has become apparent that somatized mental disorders are observed in mild and atypical depression. Indeed, there is now an increase in the number of somatized , erased depressions. However, this does not mean at all that the number of these depressions is increasing en masse , but may be associated with an increase in the quality of the provision of psychiatric and psychological care not only within the walls and boundaries of psycho-hospitals and psycho- dispensaries , but also outside them , in private clinics, offices, etc.

The term we are considering has a huge number of synonyms: in the Soviet tradition it is “hidden”, in the Anglo-American – “masked”, in the German – ” larvinated ” depression. This state is also called “depression without depression”, somatized depression, etc.

The common features of all these synonymous definitions are that somatic, physiological signs and symptoms come to the fore here , while affective disorders fade into the background. Most often, symptoms of the disease appear in the morning, and in the afternoon there is a spontaneous improvement in the condition.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

In the first place with hidden depression lead algii – psychogenic pain. It can be headaches, toothaches, cervical migraines, imitation of radiculitis, joint pains, but without corresponding changes in the organs. There may be autonomic disorders: tachycardia, heaviness in the body, compression of the head, heart, dizziness, weight loss, and much more. At the same time, many researchers note that a significant difference between such a disorder is that the symptoms of such somatic disorders do not fit into the picture of any one disease, and the localization of pain does not correspond to innervation.

This is what becomes of paramount importance in the diagnosis of latent depression.

In addition , it is noted that within the framework of masked depression, not only algias can manifest themselves , but also more complex disorders: with asthenic (lethargy, exhaustion, fatigue), sexual and other disorders. The greatest percentage of algia is recorded in the head, stomach, heart, extremities and chest.

Symptoms of latent depression

The most common depressive symptoms themselves are mood disorders such as:

  • joylessness;
  • a tendency to complain of various pains;
  • tearfulness;
  • feeling of hopelessness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • fatigue.

Treatment of latent depression

Treatment should begin, of course , with a thorough and comprehensive diagnosis. Often, first of all, a person complains about the physical condition, keeping silent about all other symptoms. It is necessary to reliably establish the nature of the patient’s pain and the real cause of his discomfort. After the presence of somatic pathology is excluded, in fact, the treatment of erased (latent depression) begins. Since most often this form of depression is mild or moderate, the question of the need to prescribe pharmacological treatment should be decided on a strictly individual basis. Modern antidepressants, provided they are prescribed correctly, make it possible to treat this type of depression outside the hospital, on an outpatient basis. Careful control of the drug’s action reduces side effects, making them almost imperceptible, and the patient’s life is full and active.

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends drug-free treatment of mild depression using non-drug methods. To These include:

  • psychotherapy of various directions (psychoanalysis, behavioral, cognitive, gestalt therapy, etc.) in individual or group forms;
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation;
  • biofeedback (BFB);
  • light therapy ;
  • art therapy;
  • autogenous training, etc.

Hidden Depression has many faces, but its treatment is possible. You just need to turn to professionals.

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