Month: October 2019

Depression already does not want to live. What to do?

Unfortunately, today depression is the norm for many, because there are so many factors that affect our mood. This is a loss of interest in benefits, habitual activities, sometimes even in life. Depression is often characterized by functional physical disorders. Sometimes a tendency to depression can be a personal factor, for example, melancholy prone to such a disease. Depression is also typical of […]

Clinic and classification of depression

• Traditional classification : – endogenous depression – reactive and neurotic / psychogenic depression – somatogenic (symptomatic / organic) depression • The current classification is based on the severity and course of the disease : – mild / moderate / severe / psychotic – depressive episode or recurrent form of depression • The following forms are distinguished as special forms : – postpartum depression – atypical depression – age-related depression – […]

Depression – a real disease or a pronounced myth? We deal with our emotions

Recently, one group of researchers came to the conclusion that sadness is good for health. At the present day, according to statistics, every twentieth inhabitant of the earth of something sad. According to the World Health Organization, in about ten years, depression as a disease will come first, ahead of cardiovascular diseases and infections. So what is this disease? Doctors define depression as […]

Depression of exhaustion. Kielholz on Neurotic Depression

Of great interest is the work of Kjelholz (1959), devoted to depressive states. Along with other types of depression, the author identifies neurotic, which he includes in psychogenic and considers it as a depressive state with neurosis. He also distinguishes “depression of exhaustion”, which is based on pathological depressive development resulting from prolonged emotional overstrain. “Depression of exhaustion” […]

Postpartum anxiety conditions. Depression after childbirth

Although pregnancy and childbirth are usually joyful times for women, in some patients they are associated with significant emotional distress. In order to effectively solve these problems, it is important to timely identify risk factors for postpartum depression and effectively address them. Approximately 25% of patients who had a mental disorder after a previous birth relapse after a subsequent […]

Causes of deep depressive disorder. Depression Mechanisms

The etiology of deep depressive disorder is unclear. Life events (such as job loss, change of residence) and intellectual stress are associated with an increased risk of depressive disorder, but the exact causes are unclear. With this disorder, neurochemical changes in the central nervous system can occur in response to stress. There is evidence that deep depression has a […]

Depression treatment – treatment regimens, selection of antidepressants

Important : The basis for treating depression is confidential supportive conversations with your doctor (“supportive psychotherapy”). Most patients first seek help from their family doctor. He must make a diagnosis, decide whether he can manage the patient on an outpatient basis, and if not, then refer him to a specialist or send him for inpatient treatment. Signs […]

Depressive conditions. Organic Depression

According to statistics, in recent years the number of depressed patients has increased significantly. This phenomenon is associated with profound changes in modern life (acceleration, mechanization, migration of large groups of people, etc.) K. Kirov notes that experienced clinicians based on comparative studies over the past 10 years have come to the conclusion that melancholic […]