Depression already does not want to live. What to do?

Unfortunately, today depression is the norm for many, because there are so many factors that affect our mood. This is a loss of interest in benefits, habitual activities, sometimes even in life. Depression is often characterized by functional physical disorders. Sometimes a tendency to depression can be a personal factor, for example, melancholy prone to such a disease.

Depression is also typical of pedantic people who constantly strive for the ideal, but are disappointed by breaking their pink glasses. But what if the depression led to a lack of desire to live? How to solve a problem?  

Why do not you want to live? First you need to be honest with yourself, because most often deep depression is self-deception. Do you really think that death will help solve your problems? It’s just an escape, because the essence of the phrase is not that you “do not want to live,” but that you “do not want to live like that.”

Nevertheless, there are certain reasons; one cannot close their eyes to them . If you often think that you do not want to live, then in the end you can convince your body of this. There is always a risk of psychosomatic changes, so depression leads to poor health.

You should especially carefully monitor your thoughts and surround yourself with blaming people, because even the thought that you do not want to live testifies to a critical state.

What to do if you do not want to live?

1. Speak out . When life difficulties or problems appear, many close themselves and believe that no one should know about the difficult period of their lives. Sometimes it’s very useful to sit alone and think about life, but such a process should not be delayed. We are all part of society, so it is so important to interact with others.

In the environment of each person you can find those who listen and support. It is so important to share the problem with friends or relatives, especially when it comes to depression. Tell us what is bothering you, share your experiences and be sure to ask the person how he sees the solution to the problem. A positively tuned interlocutor will always be able to notice how petty your experiences are, that there are many more questions in the world that cannot be resolved.

2. Stop focusing on problems . Dismissed from work, husband or wife changed, did the child go crazy with his antics or rob the apartment? Of course, such problems cannot bring joy, but if you look at them from a slightly different angle, then at some point you can realize that everything is not so scary.

Sometimes dismissal from work leads to the fact that a person occupies a position in another company and begins to earn more. Cheating on a loved one can bring a lot of pain, but sometimes it leads to new acquaintances and to the creation of a new strong family. If you have problems with a child, then you should go together to a family psychologist to better understand each other and learn to look at the world with naive children’s eyes.

3. Look at the problem globally . Often people get depressed for the reason that nobody needs them. Sometimes this happens due to the death of a loved one, but more often we ourselves come up with non-existent problems. Think about the fact that there are many single people in the world, but this does not mean that they all want to commit suicide.

Someone turns on an animal, someone searches for his love, and someone begins to do charity work to make others happy. What benefit has your depression brought? If while this is exclusively the destructive nature of the manifestation of your condition, then start doing something today.

4. Favorite business . Often, thoughts about not wanting to live come to people who spend most of their life doing things they don’t like . What is the danger? In the fact that sooner or later you will realize how many years you spent on something that did not bring you pleasure. This can lead to frustration and deep depression.

What is worth changing? Your main activity. What is your hobby? Choose this direction as the basis. This will help you turn your days into a holiday. If you continue to work at an unloved job, live with an unloved person, or meet friends to whom you have no respect, you will not be able to get rid of depression. Learn to value your time and your life, and then your mood will be much better.

5. Do not be left alone . Fatal mistake that can lead to trouble. So that you do not visit all sorts of strange thoughts, it is important that someone be with you all the time. If you live by yourself, then invite someone to live with you a little, you can also ask for a couple of weeks to visit friends. So you distract from the problem and forget about obsessive thoughts. Most often, depression destroys those who lose contact with loved ones, so avoid prolonged loneliness.

6. Consult a specialist for help . Sometimes the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist is the only true solution to the problem when nothing else helps. If you feel that it’s becoming more and more difficult to cope with the thought “I do not want to live”, then immediately make an appointment with a specialist. This will allow you to protect yourself from trouble and get expert help. Sometimes, several visits to the doctor are enough to get out of depression, so do not delay until later, in order to quickly return to your usual way of life and learn to enjoy every day.

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