Month: October 2020

The moon can really affect the mood of the mentally ill

Doctors described a case of a person with bipolar disorder, whose episodes of illness alternated in accordance with the movement of the moon. Its internal biological clock was set not only for a 24-hour solar day, but also for a period of 24.8 hours, during which the Moon makes one visible revolution in the celestial sphere. The […]

Maternal depression leads to a decrease in the child’s IQ

The child’s IQ was found to be related to the mental state of the mother. Depression in mothers slows down the development of the child and leads to the fact that the IQ of their children is below average. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the study, which was described by the website EurekAlert . About 900 children […]

The immune system can protect against depression

American researchers have studied the cerebrospinal fluid of healthy people and people with multiple sclerosis. They concluded that immune cells may play a role not only in protecting against infections, but also in maintaining mental health. The work was published in the journal Science Immunology . Researchers at Yale University have found an inflammatory autoimmune response similar to that found in neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis […]

A new method of prescribing antidepressants has been developed

The researchers found that measuring brain rhythms during REM sleep may reflect the effectiveness of antidepressant treatment. The discovery will allow to quickly select the right therapy for patients, and not to continue ineffective treatment for several weeks without knowing the result. The work was presented at the congress of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology . About 7% of adults worldwide […]

Fear of speaking out leads to burnout

Employees of Russian companies suffer from emotional burnout due to the authoritarian management style of managers, for fear of expressing disagreement with the organization’s policies. Russian and American psychologists came to such conclusions after interviewing residents of Perm. Burnout at work, according to social psychologist Christina Maslach, is divided into three levels: emotional and physical exhaustion; decline in professional achievements, cynical […]

Supercomputer helped create a cure for depression

Russian scientists were able to synthesize a new short neuroactive peptide that acts on the glutamatergic system, which will help in the treatment of clinical depression. A supercomputer algorithm helped to develop the substance. The researchers’ article was published in the journal SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research . Depression is one of the most dangerous and common mental conditions. In addition to psychotherapy, patients with moderate and […]