Month: August 2020

Selfie: how does samophot affect the psyche?

The greatest number of eating disorders and depression occurs in today’s adolescents. Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos reports this and her colleagues agree with her! According to Western psychologists, the addiction to selfies is to blame. The current specialists will put it on a par with mental disorders. Why are selfies so dangerous? By and large, samophot doesn’t make much […]

Postpartum depression: how to get rid of it?

Every 8th mother suffers from postpartum depression. This condition is very dangerous not only for the mother, but also for her baby. When depressed, many young mothers refuse contact with their child. Their unstable mental state negatively affects their health. This leads to the loss of breast milk. There were also recorded cases of beating and killing of babies […]

Doctors told how to overcome seasonal depression

Seasonal depression is a form of mood disorder that occurs during the fall or winter months. Its symptoms are not much different from classic depression. The difference is that symptoms occur when daylight hours begin to decrease and peak in January-February. Then the severity of seasonal depression decreases. The main signs of the condition include: Permanently depressed state. Melancholic […]

How depression affects the human body

Depression is a very common disease these days. Depression not only causes pessimism, irritability, pain and exhaustion, it also affects communication and the ability to maintain relationships. Depressed people are more likely to avoid social challenges. They can behave in this way because of the feeling of their “insignificance” and depression, fear of conflict, desire to maintain […]

Doctors told how to cope with depression

Apathetic depression is a panic and oppressed state, in which a person experiences complex emotional experiences, imbalance, melancholy, physical and moral weakness. Apathetic depression is most often detected in women – in 65% of all cases, however, such figures can be justified by a higher willingness of women to share their problems, including with doctors. The […]

Motivational and endocrine disorders in depression

Motivation is a purposeful need addressed to objects in the external environment. Motivation is born from needs. F.M. Dostoevsky figuratively defined the basic human needs as “the need for bread, education and worldwide connection.” Needs are congenital and acquired, some are of a primary biological nature, for example, the need for food, procreation, sleep, etc., others are of a […]