Selfie: how does samophot affect the psyche?

The greatest number of eating disorders and depression occurs in today’s adolescents.

Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos reports this and her colleagues agree with her! According to Western psychologists, the addiction to selfies is to blame. The current specialists will put it on a par with mental disorders. Why are selfies so dangerous?

By and large, samophot doesn’t make much sense without social media. The danger lies precisely in them. Many companies and public people use social networks as a platform for promotion. Their pseudo-personal pages are the product. Their attractiveness has left a tangible imprint on the perception of adolescents and young people.

Modern teenagers perceive their social profiles as a product. On their personal pages, they try to present their attractive sides, removing everything less attractive. As a result, instead of presenting themselves, young people unwittingly create personalities that do not exist. With the help of selfies and Photoshop, you can easily eliminate all the shortcomings by adding advantages. Subsequently, a person idealizes himself, but cannot correspond to the created image. This gives rise to complexes and makes a person closed, alienated. So he becomes a virtual simulation and lives exclusively in the digital world. How to fix the situation?

Feelings of perfectionism are commendable as long as it makes a person become better in deeds, not in words. It is important to make a good impression, but this skill is worthless if the person cannot match the image being created.

As the saying goes, less plaster, more content!

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