Depression – a disease or not?

There are countless opinions, articles on the internet and books on the topic of depression. Is it true that some stages of depression cannot be cured without medical intervention? Is it really possible to die of longing? Is depression a real disease? Each time, people answer these questions in different ways, but there is still no definite truth on this score.
There is a theory that this “disease”, in fact, in principle, is not an ailment. If a person, for example, has a huge grief: the loss of a loved one or loved one, he begins to develop depressive disorders. There are times when this person does not want to leave this state at all. On the contrary, he decides to withdraw into himself, to protect himself from everyone who surrounds him, and sometimes even to commit suicide.

Friends and relatives, in this case, begin to make every effort to help, “pull” a person out of this pool of sadness, to save him from emotional self-torture. They try to be there, dilute the weekdays of the unfortunate person, influence his negative mood, and just distract him from bad thoughts in any way. What does the sufferer do in response to such concern?

Even more he withdraws into himself, begins to feel sorry for himself, hate everyone for trying to help, presenting their attempts as imposing someone else’s point of view on him. And the common phrases “no one asked you to help, no need to climb / nothing will help me / is it possible to have fun when this happened?” from a person’s mouth to address people trying to help him.

What follows next? The sufferer does not care what is happening around; he ceases to take care of himself and the order in his place of residence; he doesn’t care about his health and time; becomes all the same to those relatives who have not left him. Those who stayed alive in reality and try to prevent him from losing precious moments of their lives, wandering in mental anguish. This behavior is called selfishness, unwillingness to see the truth, weakness, as well as disrespect for those who worry about him.

Suffering and inaction not only will not correct the grief that has occurred, but also form a new victim of circumstances. To avoid the worst outcome of the whole situation, it is necessary, at first, even through force, but to do everything to supplant the vile thoughts about what happened. Coming to humility will be the next stage. You need to sleep more, play sports, communicate with dear people, drink more water and keep bright thoughts in your head. The effect does not come immediately, but the fact that the result will definitely be is a fact.

As soon as any person steps over selfishness, self-pity and through their weaknesses, he realizes that depression is far from a diagnosis, but the most ordinary self-deception. One has only to try, and everything will immediately become clear.

The main thing to remember is one simple thing: all problems, states, emotions, feelings – all this is only in the head. And human thoughts are formed exclusively by people themselves, and at any time they are able to influence various thoughts from the side from which they want. It is only important not to spare your efforts, time and not to lose faith.

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