Why is depression dangerous and how to get out of this state?

Childhood is a happy time! Children do not know depression – that’s who really knows how to enjoy life! Why, together with growing up, knowledge, experience and wisdom, we are increasingly seized by a state of depression and oppression?

But let’s leave the question of the deep causes of depression to psychologists and other luminaries of medicine, and talk about how to get out of depression. After all, staying in this state is not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe for health and even life. Yes, it is on account of depression that 70% of all suicides are committed!

So, the problem of depression is not only discouragement and sadness, but also profound psychological changes that are incompatible with a happy and fruitful life.

The main condition for a successful exit from a state of depression is your sincere desire, since you need to get out of depression absolutely consciously, understanding what kind of enemy you have to deal with. The first step is to see a doctor. The physiological origins of depression, if any, should be identified. If your condition is not provoked by any mental shock, the doctor will certainly prescribe special treatment.

Depressive states, in particular, can be caused by:

  • lack of minerals and vitamins – this is especially common with strict diets;
  • hormonal imbalance, thyroid diseases;
  • some medications, alcohol consumption;
  • stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses.

Not everyone trusts doctors, many try to fight depression on their own. Before getting out of depression, formulate a task – this way the movement towards the goal will be more conscious and persistent. For example, imagine yourself in a state of happiness – remember how great it is! Whatever the reasons for plunging into depression – childbirth or divorce, dismissal or lack of money, the method of getting out of depression has no fundamental differences.

Let’s learn how to get out of depression by following the advice of practicing psychologists and physicians dealing with the topic of psychological conditions:

– Change everything. Change as much as possible. Change the regime, change the environment, change, in the end, the city! Go to the province, to the mountains, to the pampas!

– Change jobs. Living in a metropolis and tired of the hustle and bustle? Do you seem like an insignificant ant in a huge anthill, and no one will notice your disappearance? Get a taste of life and travel to a new city. And you can change both the job and the city. The more changes the better! The main thing is new impressions and a sense of belonging to being.

– Sleep is long and strong, this is one of the most important conditions for getting out of depression. Which, by the way, is often provoked by chronic lack of sleep. So get some sleep! And for a sweeter sleep, buy yourself a cute night light, cozy bedding and lavender sachets.

– Eat right. Slags and toxins are active provocateurs of depression.

– Go in for sports. The “joy” hormone released during sports will quickly drive away the gloom.

– Put things in order. Throw away all the old stuff! Clear pathways for energy flows.

– Engage in simple meditation – in the morning and in the evening, repeat the main attitudes that you have chosen before getting out of depression. For example: “I am full of strength and energy!” or “I enjoy every day!”, “I smile and think only positively!”

– Do a relaxing massage, it lifts your mood and improves your well-being.

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