Month: March 2019

Six myths about depression: how to distinguish the disease from the blues and how to escape from it

Together with the authors of the book “Go crazy!”, Who recently received the prestigious “Educator” award, we are going through a depression that torments millions of residents of large cities. The book of Anton Zayniev and the former journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Darya Varlamova “Go crazy!” became a bestseller and has just been awarded the […]

Why is it worse with a cold?

The depressed psychoemotional state during an illness can occur due to the chemical signals that the immune system sends to the brain. The most unpleasant thing in any cold is probably not a cough or a runny nose, but what is called a “fog in the head”: a constant feeling of apathy, fatigue, inability to […]


Indifference, apathy – a state of complete indifference, disinterest. It happens that after a strong stress associated with stressful situations, a person becomes indifferent when you do not want to do anything and all actions to reduce the influence of stress factors seem meaningless. In a sense, such indifference is a protective reaction of the […]