How to succeed in dealing with depression

Depression is a fairly serious emotional disturbance. It is expressed in a depressed state of mind, accompanied by a low mood, inability to enjoy life, pessimistic thoughts, apathy. Often depression is characterized by a decrease in self-esteem and general vitality, a loss of interest in reality. It is possible to succeed in fighting depression, but this will require some effort.
Signs of depression
Clinical manifestations of depression are a serious medical problem, so it is quite difficult to get out of such a painful condition on your own. Clinical depression is often caused by an imbalance of chemicals or serious psychological trauma. In this case, you should not engage in self-treatment, and you need to consult a psychotherapist.
However, according to statistics, there are not many such serious cases. More often, a person calls depression a certain depression, a lowered background of mood and indifference to life. Sad thoughts that constantly spin in my head fill life with dark colors. Often, ordinary desires disappear, appetite decreases, chronic diseases become more acute.
In such a state, a person may well serve his simplest needs, take care of his loved ones, but he does it forcedly, without joy. The simplest things, whether cleaning the apartment, other household concerns, raising children, are difficult and require considerable effort. Often, a woman in addition to this has to work and carry out depressing her official duties, combining them with housework.
Fighting Depression: First Steps
Even a person who is completely healthy in mental health may experience depression if he is faced with a rather difficult life problem. This problem is not always clearly understood, it happens that a person notes only a vague anxiety on one or another occasion.
For example, a woman over time may accumulate dissatisfaction with a relationship with a partner or anxiety about the behavior of a family member. Unconsciously, she does not allow herself to think about it and does not always realize what exactly caused the depressed mood and sad thoughts.
The first step in dealing with depression is to become aware of a traumatic situation. You are required to find time for introspection and try to answer the questions: “What is bothering me at the moment? What upsets me here and now? ”It is very convenient to analyze the current life situation with the help of a diary. Daily short notes about what was at the center of your experiences can be invaluable material for self-analysis.
List on a sheet of paper the moments that cause you concern and anxiety. Review the list and try to listen to your feelings. Which item causes the most depression? It is not excluded that the awareness of the described problem will be the first decisive step to get out of the depressive state.
Common Causes of Depression
The most common reasons for the state of depression include the following:
– loss of a person close to you; – breaking the relationship with a partner; – stress associated with the desire to achieve success in life; – excessively high demands on yourself or your loved ones; – long loneliness; – failures in areas of your life that matter to you; – self-acceptance.
These are the main reasons that can cause feelings of depression and hopelessness, which translate into a prolonged state of depression.

Effective ways to deal with depression
After realizing the possible cause of depression, you need to take steps to reduce the significance of the traumatic event. The most effective way to deal with depression is to pronounce your thoughts and feelings about an emotionally significant situation or event. In other words, you need a good listener. They can be a professional psychologist, a close friend or girlfriend.
If depression is caused by a break in a relationship with a partner, try writing a letter to him. Express on paper your attitude to this person, write about your feelings and what you think about the situation. The trick of reception is that there is no need to send a letter to the addressee. Having entrusted your feelings to the paper, re-read the letter several times. This will help prevent the accumulation of negative emotions and contain them, which could lead to the formation of a deep depression.
Exercise is very effective in fighting depression. It is best to choose a sport that involves being in the fresh air. Easy jogging in the city park, active leisure on the beach, collective Nordic walking – all these types of physical activity quickly relieve the symptoms of depression.
And, finally, a variety of communication helps to get rid of painful thoughts. Do not limit to meeting with friends. Allow yourself to make new interesting acquaintances. The reason for this may be your previous hobbies and vital interests. Remember that in a state of depression it is important not to be alone. New people, new relationships – this is the door to a new world, in which there will be no place for oppression and depression.

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