Month: March 2020


Confusion is a syndrome of psychopathology, a violation of objective consciousness and self-perception. The confusion of consciousness is characterized by: – difficult perception of people and objects; – disorder of spatial-temporal orientation; – the inability to think coherently; – complete or incomplete non-remembering of the episode of confusion. Based on the characteristics of confusion, several types […]

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is persistence, obstinacy, love of order and emotional narrowing. Man is constantly striving for excellence, and flexibility and determination are not inherent in him. Obsession is a phenomenon related to feelings, thoughts and ideas. This behavior is deliberate and is regularly repeated, i.e. the patient himself understands the inadequacy of his obsession. A similar phenomenon is observed […]

Affective syndromes

Affective syndromes are represented by opposite emotional disorders – mania and depressive states. Affective syndrome of the depressive variety is characterized by constant bad mood, sadness and longing, which can be accompanied by physical discomfort. Physical discomfort is manifested in a feeling of pressure or heaviness in the chest, difficulty breathing, a feeling of incomplete inspiration. In […]

Men suffer from depression no less than women

Globally, women are diagnosed with depression almost twice as often as men compared with men, however, a recent study examined this situation on the other hand by identifying alternative symptoms of depression specific to men. Researchers led by Dr. Lisa E. Martin (LisaA. Martin, PhD), analyzed the data of the national mental health survey, which […]

Biological signals of suicide detected in blood

Researchers have discovered a series of blood RNA biomarkers that can be used to develop tests to predict an individual risk of suicide. Scientists (IndianaUniversity) analyzed a large group of male patients from four cohort studies over a three-year period; all patients had confirmed bipolar disorder. At the beginning of the study, a specialized psychiatric interview […]

Types of Antidepressants

Depression is a very unpleasant condition, which, along with other diseases, requires medical intervention and further treatment. Medication for Depression  carried out with the help of special medications – antidepressants, which improve the patient’s depressive state or completely eliminate it. So how do antidepressants work? The human brain consists of nerve cells – neurons. Information is transferred from one neuron to […]