Excess carbohydrates can lead to depression

It is known that most people, unlike the heroes of novels, starving for any reason, prefer to seize stress. Moreover, they often turn their attention to sweets, which contain a huge amount of so-called “fast” carbohydrates. One of the latest research by scientists proves that such eating behavior not only does not bring relief, it is a cause of deepening stress and often puts it in a depressed state.

Harvard scientists studied the problem of carbohydrate intake in a stressful state for 12 years. They found that among women who consume a lot of red meat and foods containing carbohydrates, chronic depression diagnosed by doctors is 41% more likely to occur. The list of unwanted foods included pasta, white bread and chips.

In the same study, it was found that those women who prefer to see olive oil, fish, a small amount of wine, as well as coffee in their diets, are much less likely to see doctors with a diagnosis of depression. This suggests that people in difficult life situations need to carefully look at their own menu, so as not to worsen their condition.

But there is an alternative point of view on the problem. Some experts say that a person begins to consume carbohydrates after he enters a stressful and depressive state. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about the dangers of these nutrients; they, however, do not help much, but they also do no harm.

What the majority of experts agree on is that the mood depends on the constant flow of glucose into the brain. This effect can only be achieved if foods with a low glycemic index are consumed. That is, it is better for a person in a stressful state to eat not a chocolate bar, but a bowl of cereal and his mood, with a high degree of probability, will increase.

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