Codependency Syndrome

Often, relatives of drug addicts or alcoholics develop emotional codependency, which is a rather detrimental condition. Accompanied by a mental disorder, as well as social and personal degradation, a problem of this nature needs immediate correction. Working with co- dependent relatives is an important part of the rehabilitation program for a person suffering from this or that type of addiction.

Typical symptoms of codependence

Often, people who live near drug addicts or alcohol addicts have a number of signs that indicate the presence of psychological problems. Among the main symptoms that clearly indicate the development of codependence, one can single out such points as:

– the occurrence of severe despair, apathy, depression ;

– Being in a constant nervous strain;

– falling out of society;

– loss of interest in work and hobbies;

– constantly accompanying feeling of fear;

– severe anxiety.

The development of excessive pity for a drug addict or alcoholic does not allow codependent relatives to soberly assess the situation and realize the need for the help of a highly specialized specialist.

The main problems and consequences of codependency

The emergence and rooting of codependency brings with it a number of serious problems that significantly worsen the quality of a person’s life and do not give him the opportunity to help not only himself, but also a sick relative. Among the list of obstacles that a loved one who is subject to drug or alcohol addiction may face, four main problems are considered especially common.

  1. The rapid spread of codependency.
  2. The impossibility of an adequate assessment of the situation that has arisen.
  3. Making inconsistent decisions and actions.
  4. The wrong approach to improving a detrimental problem.

If you do not visit a medical specialist in a timely manner, being in a state of codependency can have an extremely negative impact on the person and his environment. Directly for an alcohol addict or drug addict, the pathological condition that is observed in his relatives leads to a worsening of the already dangerous problem of acute craving for alcohol or illegal substances. Relatives with codependency syndrome begin to suffer from health problems, often completely drop out of society.

Effective ways to get rid of the problem

After the realization of the presence of a situation that needs to be urgently resolved in order to avoid harmful consequences has come, it is important for a codependent person to seek advice from a qualified psychologist. Having received professional help, it will be possible to consolidate a beneficial result on the path of getting rid of adversity during group discussions on the territory of a specialized clinic. During such meetings, relatives will be able to learn how to correctly assess the current situation, recognize manipulations in time, select the right strategy of action and remain calm, following the developed plan.


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