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Active Ingredient: Amitriptyline

Elavil is used for the relief of symptoms of mental depression. It is also used to treat bulimia (an eating disorder), to control chronic pain, to prevent migraine headaches, and to treat a pathological weeping and laughing syndrome associated with multiple sclerosis.

Elavil 25mg Package


Posted 28 July 2016 by Admin(NTT)

Of course, best of all, when a child is welcome, and pregnancy is not a surprise to you. In such cases, postpartum depression occurs less often for the simple reason that the joy of motherhood outweigh all negativity associated with it. However, even if you passionately want the child, you need to be aware that you will find...Read More

News about amitriptyline could help develop antidepressants:

Posted 21 June 2016 by Admin(NTT)

Researchers in Japan have shown that several different classes of antidepressants increase early growth responses in astrocytes, star-shaped glial cells, which could help develop new treatments.Amitriptyline is a prototypical antidepressant that is currently used worldwide. Generally, effects of antidepressants such as amitriptyline in depressive patients become evident after treatment for a few weeks. However, no study has investigated the reasons why effects are not immediately evident....Read More

Antidepressants for another diseases. Not only depression?

Posted 28 May 2016 by Admin(NTT)

Doctors prescribe antidepressants for a wide range of medical problems other than depression, apparently fueling the boom in sales of these medications, researchers report. Depression accounts for only a little more than half the antidepressant prescriptions issued by Quebec physicians during the past decade, the Canadian study found. Doctors also issued antidepressants to treat anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, panic disorders, fibromyalgia, migraine, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and a host of other "off-label" conditions for which the drugs are not approved, according to the report. Two out of every three non-depression prescriptions for antidepressants were handed out under an off-label purpose, the findings showed. Read More

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What is Elavil?

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What is Elavil most common side effects?

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How should I take Amitriptyline?

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