We are happy here to be useful and provide affordable products. We do know how it is difficult to find honest, reliable, and working platform with medical products. Moreover, it is also important to find real manufacturers who will deliver real products right to your house. That is why we have created this website and would like to share our experience.

We have been working for 7 years in the pharmaceutical field. First, it was a small group of people who did investigations in this field, found reliable manufacturers, and tested it. We did not take big batches of medical products, as we wanted our services to be quality and affordable. So we started from small number of products, such as headache pills. We tried them, and then we offered them to customers.

We did our best to create the platform we dreamt about. We want people to have affordable medical supplies and finish their treatment without ruining their family budget.

Practice Gives Perfection

We continued improving our skills, services and platform year after year. We got many problems with supplies (it turned out it was not easy to find honest manufacturers as well), shipment, customer support, and so on. Due to all those failures and problems, you may now see a perfect (almost! We are still trying to improve it!) platform offering demanded medications at fair prices.

And, interestingly, there was a point when we did not want to do anything because of negative experience, and we had a real depression. It was hard to focus on our goal, as we did not have any mood, and anxiety could happen at any time.

It was really “dark” times. The symptoms did not pass, so the doctor had to prescribe Elavil. This is a tricyclic antidepressant often used for the depressive disorders and mood changes. As we did not have enough money (as we invested to our platform a lot), we could not continue taking Elavil because the prices were too high in the regular pharmacy.

Reliable Manufacturers

And a miracle happened, because we found a manufacturer in India delivering Elavil at real cost, without extra charges. And! They agreed to collaborate with our platform, as they liked our idea of providing affordable medicines.

We tried these pills, and got rid of depression. And now, anyone could order Elavil pills on our website. All products presented on our website are in stock, and it means that the manufacturer is ready to pack the pills right after the payment.

Fair Cost

We are now satisfied with the cost of the pills and their quality, as we have been working with the manufacturers from India for a long time. And a lot of our customers can say the same about the pills.

We have developed a simple design of the platform, so that anyone could quickly place an order and select as many pills, as needed. We do not use extra fees or charges, and so the prices are low.

We like what we are doing, as our main mission is to help people. And we continue improving our services for your positive experience.

Our team:

Dr. Anna Fishzon

Dr. Gaiane Kazariants

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