As we are trying to meet all comprehensive requirements of the proper e-commerce, we are here for all your questions, recommendations, and critics. It is important for us to be open for you in order to provide the best services and organize high-quality and affordable medications.

This is the page where anyone may share their thoughts. One of the fastest way to reach us is to leave a message in the box below. Any respectable company would provide their customers with this opportunity, so that any customer could share their thoughts.

Here, anyone may leave a question, or describe any issue that causes problems with the order, or product they are going to buy. Please, mention your valid e-mail address and your name (it would be good to also mention the number of your order, but it’s optional).

Our team will read all incoming messages, process it, and give a full answer by e-mail. Messages are processed by person only. We do not use special automatic machines to generate the answer as we do respect our customers.

Our reply will be sent within 48 hours. Our e-mail may be added to the spam folder, so it is better to check this folder as well.

Also, our contact information will be mentioned in sent e-mail automatically after placing the order on the web-site. This information can be used as well for your requests and questions.

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