Shipping Policy

Any respectable company adheres to its shipping policy which guarantees appropriate attitude to all packages and timely shipment of all orders. This is the right thing to do in order to have a successful and trusty company. So do we follow these simple but very important rules and recommendations.

Our shipping policy provides a customer with a guarantee that any order will be processed and properly organized for safe shipment. All orders are processed within 48 hours due to our updated logistic systems and experienced team.

Once a customer has confirmed the order (by clicking the button on the web-site), we receive a notification and start processing this order right away. The detailed description of this process may be found on our Order Status page.

After the payment of the order, the shipment process begins. This process is safe, and all pills are delivered directly from the plant of the manufacturer. The personal protective things (such as gloves, and respirators) are used during the packaging.

  • Solid packing materials (which are eco-friendly)
  • No names of pills on the package
  • Fast shipment

There are two ways of the shipment:

  • EMS
  • AirMail

The terms of the shipment depend on the way of the delivery: EMS takes about 8 days, and AirMail takes about 4 weeks. The rapidity also depends on other factors such as pandemic situation in a customer’s country, holiday season, and weather conditions.

In case of any delays or any damages or other issues with the packages, feel free to inform us.

Order Status

Due to the updated and secured logistic system, we are able to monitor, organize, process, and regulate all coming orders. We have been following the modern market as to the modern ways how to ease this process, and so our customers may now enjoy a simplicity of online shopping.

Any step taking with the order are monitored by our team, and, moreover, any step will be informed directly to a customer. Due to the modern technologies and our company’s policy, we quickly react to any order and constantly inform a customer about any changes.

  • Clicking on Buy button
  • Getting notifications
  • Getting orders

These are just three simple steps that make online shopping a favorite thing in the world. Of course, there are other processes taken during all these steps, but we try to be open to you.

When the order has been received, a customer will be automatically referred to the payment page (tips will pop up for you). This information will be sent to a customer’s e-mail. In fact, any change happening to the order will be informed.

When the order is paid, the packing process begins. A customer will get instructions and detailed information about the order, its number, and shipment details. Due to this information, a customer may plan and know when the package will arrive.

Any order will have its unique number, so that it is possible to track the status of the order. This information will be also sent by e-mail.

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Order Status

To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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