When do I get my order?

The order will be sent within 48 hours. The shipment terms depend on the type of the delivery (EMS or AirMail). According to our statistics, the longest waiting-period was 3 weeks. Please read Shipping Policy for more details.

How many pills can I buy?

There are no limitations on our website. Of course, there is no need to buy 10 boxes of medication, but you may buy the pills for the entire course of the treatment.

Is cash accepted?


How can I pay for my pills?

E-check, Visa, Cryptocurrency, MasterCard may be used for the payment of the pills. If you have any issues with the payment, feel free to inform us, and we will help you.

Will Elavil help me?

Elavil is tricyclic antidepressant, and prescribed for improvement of the mood and relief of depression symptoms. Only your doctor can decide whether you should take this medicine. In most cases it helps to improve depression, anxiety, and pain syndrome. A medical consultation is obligatory.

Who can place an order on your website

Any adult may visit our website and place an order. We do not sell pills to children.

How to place an order?

We have a simple design of the website, so that anyone would know how to order. There is a big Buy button near every available product. Make sure to mention the correct number of pills and confirm the order. Tips will appear during the entire process.

Do you use boxes for packaging?

We do not use cardboard boxes for sending pills (unless it is a huge supply of medicines). Elavil pills are packed into an envelope which is solid and has additional internal protective layer. We do not send pills that require special transportation conditions such as low temperature.

Do you have discounts?

Our regular customers have discounts: 10% off. There are also holiday discounts, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know all special offers.

How do you explain a low price?

We do not rent big spaces for our company. Our team works online, and we do not use big warehouses as all orders are packed and sent directly from the manufacturer. We work with reliable manufacturers, and offered pills are always in stock. We do not use special advertisement or special distributors, so that we do not use extra charges for extra services. As a result of it, you see fair prices on the website.

Will I have side effects?

Any medical product may have a reaction with the body. No one knows how the body will react to one or another product. In any case, when unpleasant symptoms appear after the use of the medicine, or the disease symptoms are getting worse, this is the signal to see a doctor. No one should continue taking any medicine in this situation.

What if the package is not arrived?

If more than 4 weeks passed since the shipment of the order, it is necessary to inform us. These situations happen, but very rarely. We are always open for all your questions, problems with the order, and recommendations. We want our services to be as useful as possible.

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