Marijuana use provokes early development of mental disorders

Studies by scientists have shown that people after regular smoking of marijuana, mental disorders occur on average 2.7 years earlier than people who do not use marijuana. Marijuana and mental disorders Meanwhile, we cannot deny some connection between smoking conventional cigarettes and the manifestation of mental illness, however, there are studies that prove that neither […]

What is Oneiroid Syndrome or Journey to Fairy Worlds

Oneiroid stupefaction, or oneiroid syndrome, is an acute psychotic condition. Consciousness at the same time resembles more a dream filled with fantastic content. Manifested by a person’s complete detachment from reality. Hallucinations and illusory images are mixed with reality. With oneiroid stupefaction, there is a contradictory attitude of the patient to what is happening, non-purposeful […]

When to Call a Psychiatrist

Emergency psychiatric care is required for many reasons. Disorders of mood, memory, perception, aggressive or inappropriate behavior, clouding of consciousness or delirium, constant anxiety, depressive or manic disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and their complications, human suicide attempts – any of these pathological disorders can serve as a reason for calling a psychiatrist at home . […]

About Haloperidol

International name: Haloperidol ( Haloperidol ) Synonyms : Halofen , Aloperidin , Haldol , Halidol, Haloperidin , Haloperin , Halophen , Halopidol , Serenace , Seranase , Haloper , Novo Peridol , Senorm Group affiliation: Neuroleptic (antipsychotic) Description of the active substance (INN): 4- (para Chlorophenyl ) – 1 [3′- (para – fluorobenzoyl ) -propyl] […]

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a fairly common mental illness. It is manifested by violations of thinking, perception, emotional-volitional disorders and inappropriate behavior. The term “schizophrenia” was proposed by the Swiss psychopathologist E. Bleiler . Literally, it means “splitting of the mind” (from the ancient Greek words “ σχίζω ” – I split and “ φρήν ” – […]

The main signs of schizophrenia in a teenager

Today, among all cases of schizophrenia, only 2% occur in childhood and adolescence. However, it is in this category that the signs of the disease appear in an erased form, which greatly complicates an accurate diagnosis. At the same time, insidious schizophrenia in adolescents and children makes them noticeably different from those around them, which […]

Manifestations of xenophobia in animals and humans

Xenophobia is the fear of something new, hostility to the unfamiliar. Scientists say that xenophobia is a completely normal mechanism that has appeared in humans in the process of evolution. So manifestations of xenophobia are natural. Certain forms and types of xenophobia are observed in animals: they protect the territory where they live. Animals also […]

Schizoaffective disorder

Schizoaffective disorder is a deviation in the work of the nervous system of the brain, which implies the combination of schizophrenia and affective psychosis. Such a disorder is not often diagnosed in people with mental disorders. An in-depth study of the causes of this disorder and the nature of its manifestation is still ongoing. But […]