Arthritis Lifestyle: Rest, Sleep, Fight Depression

Long-term studies show that people with various forms of arthritis who are actively working on the treatment of pathology and lifestyle changes are less likely to complain of pain and are less likely to visit doctors. Due to the selection of adequate physical activity and proper relaxation, unloading of joints, they generally have a higher quality […]

Vitamins in fruits and vegetables to fight depression and stress

Regular intake of vitamins helps to be in good shape even in the depressive off-season. They increase the body’s resistance not only to viruses and bacteria, but also a breakdown, stress and depression. The lack of nutrients is especially dangerous in the fall, when the sun is almost invisible due to dense clouds. During this period, mental […]

Depression in men

Today, depression is considered one of the most serious diseases. Its wide distribution is associated with increased levels of stress and negative emotions. Modern people spend most of their time at work, often do not have the opportunity to spend quality time with family or friends. Despite the fact that depression is recognized as a disease, some still do not […]

Depression in men: what is the strong sex going through?

There is an opinion that men should not have nervous breakdowns and to show strong feelings for them is a shame. This belief is untrue and harmful if followed. In a man, just as in a woman, depression can occur at any age and situation that provokes the appearance of negative feelings. How can representatives of the strong half of humanity cope […]

How to overcome the autumn depression and make friends with the cold?

With the onset of cold weather, a person falls in mood, depression appears , the risk of catching a cold or other viral diseases increases. Such a reaction to cold is a physiological feature of the human body. During cold weather, nature freezes and vital human processes also slow down: it lacks the heat and light of the sun, […]

Types of physical activity that help fight depression

Depression is one of the most serious diseases of our time. Yes, it is likely that stress and nervous disorders were in earlier times. But, first, they did not receive so much attention, they all seemed far-fetched and artificial. And secondly, a very rapid leap in the development of civilization, technological progress, a huge flow of information from […]

How to overcome depression through meditation?

Depression is one of the common disorders of the emotional sphere. It is characterized by a decrease in mood and loss of the opportunity to experience joy. Also, it is characterized by inhibition of actions and violation of thought processes. During   depressed   a person has negative thoughts, pessimistic perception of the world. Causes of depression Depression can occur due to […]