Female sexual disorders – how to overcome them?

Experts are confident in the purely psychological reason for the development of various female abnormalities in the field of sexual life. As a rule, female sexual disorders relate to the inability to receive satisfaction from sexual intercourse. Problems in sexual life are the woman’s reluctance to engage in sexual relations (lack of attraction) for a long time, […]

Scientists say that Twitter helps identify psychopaths

Scientists from the USA after conducting a special analysis of various messages on the social network Twitter found that they can recognize users suffering from mental disorders. Specialists from Johns Hopkins University were able to identify users of the social network Twitter with mental illnesses and disorders. A detailed report on the work of specialists is […]

Seafood Protects Against Fears and Depressions

Doctors advise including seafood in their diet. They will help the body deal with stresses and depressions that they can provoke. This is especially true in the autumn-winter period, when the human psyche experiences additional pressure associated with changes in the weather. As a result of the study, scientists calculated that regularly using marine fish and seafood, a […]

Genetic relationship between depression and insomnia established

A group of scientists from the United States found a molecular genetic correlation between depressive disorders and sleep disturbance. Experts even managed to identify a specific genetic sequence that links these two states.   Depression, according to experts, is very often combined with problems with sleep. So, for example, a serious depressive disorder always proceeds against the […]

Stroke in middle-aged women causes depression

Middle-aged women who suffer from depression are almost twice as likely to get a stroke. Australian scientists conducted a 12-year study in which more than 10,000 women, aged 47 to 52 years, took part. Researchers have reported that a causal relationship between depression and stroke has not yet been established, however, it is possible that inflammatory […]

Neurotic depression

Today, many people know about the existence of neuritic depression. Modern life dictates its own rules, for which you often have to deal with stress and depression, with emotional and psychological stress. Neurotic depression requires a certain qualified approach to eliminate it. Meanwhile, most people, unfortunately, do not go to appointments with specialists, trying to cope with this […]

Head injuries dangerous depression yami

American experts concluded that women and men with head injuries are more at risk of developing depression than children with the same injuries. But as for children, in this area an insufficient number of studies has been conducted. This led scientists to further study the prevalence of this disease among children with head injuries, including concussion. Using […]

Scientists: Migraines May Depress

According to a study by Canadian scientists published in the scientific publication Depression Research and Treatment, people who are diagnosed with migraines are twice as likely to experience protracted depression. To confirm this data, scientists analyzed data obtained from 67 thousand patients suffering from migraines, which were registered in 2005-2007. They determined that 1 out of […]

Stress and depression are inherited, doctors say

Researchers from the University of Zurich concluded that stressful situations negatively affect metabolism and are inherited. These results were confirmed by studies in laboratory mice. The experiment showed that after the rodents were stressed, the same stressful state was reflected in their offspring. Specialists compared micro RNAs of animals that were stressed at the beginning of […]