Month: July 2021

Methods and criteria for diagnosing depression

The causes of depression and its manifestations are manifold. The effectiveness and safety of treatment depends on how accurately the diagnosis is made. In most cases, depression is well diagnosed and treated successfully. A comprehensive examination is required to diagnose depression. For early diagnosis of depression, Zung and Beck questionnaires are used , as well as scales that allow you to identify and assess the severity of depression, and monitor the treatment process. In the process […]

The most common disease

What do you think is the most common disease? Do you think cold or flu? Forced to disappoint you. The most common disease in the world is depression. The problem of depression has not only medical but also social significance. The subjective severity of its manifestations, the tendency to frequent exacerbations, and the high cost of treatment are a mental, physical and economic burden on the patient, his relatives and society as a whole. […]

All About Treating Depression

K Unfortunately, the majority of people suffering from depression are not aware of the fact that they are sick and therefore do not consider it necessary to seek medical help for depression and tormented by the question: how to get rid of depression? How to effectively treat depression, today many people in the street do not know. However, they are not the only ones concerned about the treatment of the first signs of depression . Effective […]

Depression through the eyes of a psychologist

Autumn. The days are getting shorter, the sun is less and sometimes we are sad. And let’s try to answer as we grieve. Try to refer to yourself the following statements: • I feel depressed, depressed. • Recently, my appetite and weight have changed . • I feel anxious and out of place. • I cry a lot. • I feel tired for no apparent reason. • I do not enjoy the activities I love . • My thoughts are not as clear as they […]