Month: November 2020

Alzheimer’s disease and depression

There is a growing number of people with Alzheimer’s disease. At the age of 85, the disease occurs in 50% of patients. Depression accompanies Alzheimer’s disease and is diagnosed in 30-50% of patients. It is depression that exacerbates the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease — passivity, leads to the need for early patient care, and increases the risk of mortality. Diagnosis […]

Depression and anxiety linked to changes in the cerebral cortex

Chinese scientists have found that depression and anxiety are associated with structural changes in the human brain. Scientists will talk about their work at the annual convention of the Radiological Society of North America, which will be held from November 26 to December 1 in Chicago. Scientists were interested in two conditions: clinical depression (or major depressive disorder, MDD) […]

Psilocybin mushrooms have cured depression

Scientists at Imperial College London have found that psilocybin , a substance found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, alters the activity of neural circuits associated with mood. Research published in Scientific Reports . The study involved 19 people with chronic depression that did not respond to treatment. During the first week, the volunteers took 10 mg of psilocybin . Over the next seven days, participants took 25 mg of psilocybin . The […]

Found the cause of emotional callousness

The Russian physician found out that disturbances in the perception of emotions arise as a defensive reaction. A trait known as alexithymia helps a person avoid depressive disorders under stress. The study was published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research . Alexithymia is a psychopathic trait, the characteristic features of which are that a person does not know how to recognize his own and other people’s emotions, […]

In Russia, collectivism intensifies depression

Russian researchers have shown that in Russia a person who puts public interests above their own is at risk of suffering from depression. The study, supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF), was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences . It is known that individualism dominates in the developed Western countries, especially in the United States, and collectivism in East […]

Scientists have been able to turn mice into “Zen Buddhists”

Scientists from Stanford University and colleagues found a group of neurons in the brains of mice, the removal of which made the animals breathe more slowly and feel calmer. The research is published in the journal Science . Slow, controlled breathing has been used for centuries to calm the mind and maintain mental health. Breathing techniques are also used, for example, […]