Month: May 2019

Nutrition for depression: health care products

Depression was described by ancient physicians, but it received its name relatively recently, in the 19th century, with a detailed and relatively complete description of it. The negative impact of depression on social intercourse and performance, as well as on the general state of the body and well-being has been studied for a long time. Scientists have […]

Depression during pregnancy: problems of the expectant mother

Depression during pregnancy, which often receives little attention, can have long-term consequences for mothers and their babies. While   postpartum depression is well studied and controlled, problems during pregnancy are often overlooked. Researchers say that it is the gestational variant that may become more common among expectant mothers in a few years. Waiting for the child often causes vivid emotions, […]

Popular myths about depression

Experts of the World Health Organization estimated that depression is present in about 300 million people on our planet. This condition can develop in people of different ages and genders, even in children. Despite the high prevalence of this   disease, it is associated with many myths. Largely because of them, patients with such a problem are in no hurry […]

Diet against depression: what to include in the diet?

Depression is a common mental health disorder that causes negative thoughts and behavior. Many patients are looking for natural and natural methods of treating such a condition – adherence to a diet is one of them. Of course, nutrition cannot be regarded as a treatment, but the inclusion or, on the contrary, the exclusion of certain foods […]

How to cope with depression

Depression is called the disease of the century. In the modern world, 340 million people suffer from this disease. And their number is constantly growing. Depression often occurs in a chronic form, that is, periods of remission alternate with painful conditions. What can be done to prevent the disease from returning? How to cope with depression? Depression as a seasonal […]

Postpartum Depression: The Pain and Date of Birth

Postpartum   depression   – A serious problem, which affects not only women themselves, but also newborns. Many women continue to care for the baby, but they do it without a soul and do not feel affection for their child. There are also tragic cases. According to new research, the risks of developing postpartum depression depend on numerous factors: the severity and […]