Month: November 2019

How to get yourself out of depression? Part 2: self-organization

In the previous part of the article, we talked about the basic methods of removing ourselves from depression – communication, physical activity and the need for a good sleep. In this part we will talk about how to maintain your legal competence during the day and what to do in order not to break loose and not […]

How can a creative person get out of depression?

“A task is considered easy if there are several solutions,” – with this statement, we begin the conversation about depression in the life of a creative person. And since there are many ways to overcome depression, this, in my opinion, is, in principle , an easy task. Although there are probably people who consider depression to be a serious mental […]

Causes of Depression

When people experience anxiety, fear, sadness, and similar negative emotions for a long time, they often begin to suffer from depression. The cause of depression, or deep discouragement, may be the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, or persistent illness. Depression also begins with a sense of worthlessness when people think that they are losers […]

What is work depression?

If the reluctance to go to work in the morning rolls daily, irritation towards colleagues goes off scale, and the labor process, which was previously a pleasure, causes disgust – this is a professional fatigue syndrome, the manifestations of which cause discomfort, lead to overstrain, psychological and physical exhaustion. A prolonged stay in a state of […]

What is depression?

We are all familiar with sadness and sadness, experience negative emotions for various reasons, or even without them, when we get out of bed “on the wrong foot”. Sometimes we even feel depressed. But depression is more than ordinary feelings. Depression Employees at the Mental Health Research Center at Australian National University define a depressive episode as a […]

What does depression save from?

“When the period of depression comes, I cannot and do not want to do anything, just sleep, ” says 36-year-old Olga. Forcing yourself to get out of bed to take the child to kindergarten and then lie back is one of the few plans for the day. A young, physically healthy woman spends the day in bed, no strength […]