How to get yourself out of depression? Part 2: self-organization

In the previous part of the article, we talked about the basic methods of removing ourselves from depression – communication, physical activity and the need for a good sleep. In this part we will talk about how to maintain your legal competence during the day and what to do in order not to break loose and not to quit work on yourself, as soon as you start it.

So, what needs to be done to remain active, despite the fact that you only want peace and quiet? Need self-organization! More precisely, you need to organize your day. How?

1. You need to carefully plan your every day, including weekends. Moreover, it is necessary not only to write down in our diary what exactly we need to do today, but also to build a “hierarchy” from the planned tasks. That is, it is very important to indicate what kind of work we must do today and only today. What work is desirable, but not necessary. And what kind of conscience can be put aside without a twinge of conscience.

If the work that we have to do is very difficult, it is vital to break it into separate small stages. Why is this vital? Because our hands can drop from the mere thought of how difficult the task before us is. If we break it into small, feasible steps (the smaller they are, the better), then it will be much easier to deal with each of them. An elephant, as they say, can only be eaten in pieces.

Again , since it is very difficult for us to work during depression, it is necessary to paint at least approximately what and in what order we will do and, most importantly, how much time will be spent on each task.

2. Counting the time – how much it will take for each stage of work and how much it will remain between these stages – will allow us to organize our own working rhythm. That is, we will be able to organize our day so that periods of activity with us will alternate with periods of rest. This rhythm is extremely important even for emotionally healthy people, and even more so for people who are depressed .

How to relax during working hours, especially if the boss likes to see that his subordinates are working sweat from bell to bell? Of course, imperceptibly!

There will always be work that requires focus and “freezing.” This can be reading mail, compiling reports, and studying diagrams, and searching for something on the Internet, etc. During its execution, you can “go inside”, plunge into your inner world to feed resources and reboot.

The only thing is that it should not be chaotic, but a prepared dive. To do this, you need to come up at home, when no one bothers us, come up with a resource place for yourself. That is an imaginary place in which we will feel safe, in which we can rest and be energized for further active work.

Someone will be able to recover and connect to their resources on the banks of a brook in a green spring forest. Someone is in flight, hovering in the middle of an endless blue sky. Someone is in a cave inside the mountain at the edge of the world. Everyone will have this place. The main thing is to spend time and effort in order to find it and create it in your imagination in great detail.

This place should cause us only positive associations, be connected with something very bright, kind and clean. Well, and, of course, it will be necessary to train at home the skill to be carried by the soul to this place, so that at work we can do this automatically any free minute.

3. You must include your hobby (at least one) in your daily routine . And it should be so strong and cause such an unbearable desire to get up from the couch and take up it that not to do it will be even harder for us than to do. The positive emotions associated with this hobby will not be superfluous in the work of restoring oneself to life.

4. Be sure to do something with your own hands during a depression (repair something in the house, embroider, draw, burn out – in general, do all kinds of crafts). Why? Because the result that we will receive at the exit can be held in hands, touched, examined from all sides. It will be something tangible, tangible. This will allow us to feel our own materiality, to feel the fact of our existence at the bodily level.

Another point: since we were able to create something , it means that we are not completely helpless, we can influence what is happening. Since we were able to call something out of nonexistence , it means that we can return ourselves to the real world (we recall the analogy with cleaning the house).

5. In order to more clearly feel that we are not saving up the sky, but moving forward in our activities, we come up with non-standard ways to celebrate every completed task. That is, we turn on the fantasy again.

  • Maybe at the end of the case we will do some quick sketch?
  • Or do origami (for example, a flower, which can then be colored)?
  • Or take a photo (symbolizing what we just finished)?

The only requirement: evidence of completion must be tangible and tangible. For the same reason that it is so important to include various crafts in your life.

And finally, a few words about how to control ourselves and not to give up work on ourselves , as soon as we start it (remember how many times we promised ourselves to start a new life on Monday). Because, I repeat, the resistance will be very strong at first.

1. We ask for the help of a person whom we respect endlessly and whose respect we are afraid to lose. We send him our daily planning and every evening we report to him about the work done. We can still promise ourselves something, and then not fulfill it. And we will not even experience any remorse about this. But disgrace and fall in the eyes of a man so respected by us, without doing what was intended, we will not allow ourselves for anything.

2. To enhance the effect, we use all sorts of social networks for the same purpose. The more people who follow our transformation, the more difficult it will be for us to quit and backtrack.

So, to get out of depression and return to life, we need to clearly structure our absolutely every day and set aside time for communication, physical activity and needlework. At the same time, work must be alternated with rest and restoration of strength, and it is also important to monitor the quality of your sleep. And no matter how hard it is at first, over time it will be easier and easier to follow the above tips, since the cumulative effect will begin to work.

And a little motivator. Pursuing our efforts to bring ourselves out of depression, we, in fact, learn to hear and fulfill our needs, not those of others. We learn to take care of ourselves. So, we are working on improving the quality of our lives, which will be very useful to us not only during depression, but also after we say goodbye to it.

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