What is work depression?

If the reluctance to go to work in the morning rolls daily, irritation towards colleagues goes off scale, and the labor process, which was previously a pleasure, causes disgust – this is a professional fatigue syndrome, the manifestations of which cause discomfort, lead to overstrain, psychological and physical exhaustion.

A prolonged stay in a state of professional fatigue develops into a manufacturing depression.  

Causes of Depression Symptoms:

  1. External : routine, low wages, randomness and lack of organization of work, “storming”, uncomfortable living conditions (cramped conditions, heat, cold).
  2. Internal : the inability to make a career, the lack of a motivation system, an excessively high load, frequent conflicts with colleagues and superiors , etc.

All causes are interconnected and are a consequence of each other.

What to do?

1. Realize the true causes of industrial depression. What caused hostility and apathy in relation to work. What exactly situations lead to psychological stress, how often do they happen.

  • If the reason is unsuccessful time management, inability to comply with priority – it is necessary to revise the organization of your time.
  • If forced conditions lead to a state of professional fatigue (a sharp increase in workload, manager’s management style, conflict of colleagues, etc.), then it is necessary either to change the place of work, or adapt to forced conditions and find the best way to deal with stress.

2. Be creative in resolving the problem.

  • If monotony and boredom are depressed in the course of work, you can try to introduce rational ideas, creativity or change the department, move to another position, with new functional responsibilities.
  • In your free time, you can get additional education that will allow you to look at things differently.

3. Use psychological techniques to relieve deadlock in the absence of career growth. To get rid of frustration, you must either remove the obstacle (achieve promotion), or “devalue the situation” and take one of the following positions: “I don’t need this”, “Everything that is done is for the best”, “The attempt is not torture , now I know how to, and I will try again. ” In addition to complacency, you need to professionally improve yourself and actively participate in projects that allow you to realize your capabilities.

4. Create comfort and coziness in your workspace : put on your table a favorite organizer for office supplies, a family photo, buy a laser mouse for a computer.

5. Plan a working day. Failure to organize your day leads to the accumulation of affairs, outstanding tasks, the need to take work home. Even with time pressure, you can optimally build your work day.

6. To ensure the change of activities and the timeliness of rest . This will not allow attention to disappear due to fatigue, will have a beneficial effect on the muscles of the back, and increase the state of activity. It is necessary to alternate attractive and tiring tasks.

7. Stop any work after its completion and verification of the result. Everything can be improved, but is it worth it.

8. Regularly release your physical energy. Go dancing, go to the pool, to fitness.

The process of getting rid of professional fatigue can begin right now! Let it be a reason for relaxation, not a cause of industrial depression.

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