Month: June 2020

Men should not be stressed out

According to statistics, about forty percent of men aged 35 to 40 years, suffer from impaired erectile dysfunction, and are shy about going to the doctor, thereby exacerbating their situation. Impotence can develop due to organic causes, that is, health problems, namely those associated with the endocrine, circulatory, nervous systems. The most common psychological form, which depends […]

Doctors told which products protect against depression

Eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can be used to fight depression. This conclusion was made by American psychologists.   Eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is a simple and affordable way to treat depression, according to a new study. Scientists from the United States observed the health of thousands of people with an average age of […]

Depression in Neurology

First of all, these are changing living conditions. Survived in the XX century. the hardest world and local wars. These common problems are supplemented for our country by the difficult consequences of the revolution, the tragic civil war, the radical restructuring of the forms of peasant life, the transition of many peasants to an alien way of life […]

Depression and sleep

In the clinical picture of depression, along with affective, motor, and autonomic obligate, there are dissominal disorders, which introduces the problem of sleep disturbances into the circle of the most relevant for this disease. The term “dissomic” reflects the diversity of these disorders, including both insomnic and hypersomnic manifestations. The frequency of disturbances in the sleep-wake cycle […]

Psychosomatic relationships in depression in patients with somatic diseases

Among mental disorders in patients with somatic diseases, depressions are second only in frequency to the disorders observed in the somnology clinic. If, according to epidemiological data, among people aged 14 and older, the incidence of insomnia reaches 21-45% (A.M. Wayne, 1995), then depression is registered in the population in 4.8-7.4%, in the general outpatient network […]

Chronic pain and depression

The close association of chronic pain with depression is obvious. So, J. Murray [1] emphasizes that in chronic pain it is necessary first of all to look for depression; S. Tyrer (1985) provides statistics on the presence of mental disorders of a depressive nature in half of patients suffering from chronic pain; according to S.N. Mosolova [2], chronic pain […]