Month: April 2022

What is depression really

This is a long-term (2 weeks or more) pronounced decrease in mood, which is accompanied by several additional symptoms: decreased activity, slowing down of mental activity, lack of joy in life. That is, if you are no longer touched by the usual joys – hobbies, family, gatherings with friends, then this is an occasion to […]

Depression and neurology

Depression is a mental health disorder in which there is a prolonged low mood, combined with feelings of hopelessness, meaninglessness of life, lethargy and irritability. This state arises as a response to a number of biological, psychological and social factors, too difficult, complex events and experiences. There are 2 types of depression – neurotic and […]

” Baby Blues”

It is postnatal depression that should be separated from the deterioration of the emotional state immediately after childbirth. The so-called baby blues develops in 80% of women due to changes in hormonal levels. The state of pregnancy is maintained by high concentrations of the hormone progesterone. From the point of view of the emotional background, […]