Month: December 2020

Organic and genetic changes in depression and schizophrenia

In depression and schizophrenia, structural changes occur in the brain. In schizophrenia and depression, there is an increase in the white matter of the brain and a decrease in gray matter. The changes concern: middle temporal gyrus;  prefrontal gyrus;  left ventral medial gyrus;  left lingual gyrus;  dorsal medial prefrontal gyrus. The left temporal gyrus functions as a second sensory […]

Depression. Problems and solution

When making a diagnosis of depressive spectrum disorder, it is necessary to exclude: hypothyroidism ; alcohol abuse; schizophrenia, post-traumatic mental disorder, dementia, bipolar disorder. Between 20 and 50% of cases of depression are in the spectrum of bipolar disorder. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is manifested by a chronic course, emotional, psychological, and behavioral signs. In the presence of anxiety, there […]

Psychobiotics – treatment of depression and autism

Some microorganisms are psychobiotics . They are useful for the health of patients with various mental illnesses. Bacteria of a number of species can produce serotonin and gamma- aminobutyric acid, that is, neuroactive substances that mediate various processes in the human brain. Psychobitics have antidepressant and antioxolytic effects. Typically Psychobiotics are used for irritable bowel syndrome. But Bifidumbacterin can stop signs of chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. The effect is associated with the anti-inflammatory aspect of […]

Errors in diagnosing and treating depression

Due to the lack of standards in the Russian health care system that allow to objectively differentiate depressive disorders, various errors are observed in the diagnosis and treatment . They lead to an increase in the number of suicides, the emergence of forms resistant to therapy, and disability. The most common mistakes are: an error in the diagnosis, when a depressive […]

Fathers of newborns suffer from depression

For five years after the birth of a child, the risk of developing depression in fathers of newborns increases by 68%. That is, both women and men can develop postpartum depression. Postpartum depression in the father also negatively affects the child, as well as postpartum depression in the mother. If fathers do not go to specialists, then they try […]

Depression and old age

Old age leaves an imprint on a person’s life. Physical and psychological status and social role are changing. This is a challenge to a person, his ability to live happily, a way to change self-consciousness. Many people experience depression and loneliness in old age due to loneliness throughout their lives, loss of close family ties. The consequence of this is […]

Molecular Causes of Depression

Violation of the concentration of norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin underlies depression. This conclusion was made as a result of experiments on the action of antidepressants. But two more mediators: gamma- aminobutyric acid and glutamate are involved in the mechanism of the development of depression. Lamotrigine , ketamine, amantadine and anticonvulsants affect the severity of depression by affecting the glutamate receptors . Stress also plays an important role in the development of depression, especially […]

The many faces of depression

Just as no two people are alike, there are no two equally suffering depressed patients. The International Classification of Diseases 10th edition does not provide for the isolation of the leading syndrome, but identifies only two variants of depression: Depressive disorder with somatic symptoms; Depressive disorder with psychotic manifestations. The American classification of mental illness […]