Psychobiotics – treatment of depression and autism

Some microorganisms are psychobiotics . They are useful for the health of patients with various mental illnesses. Bacteria of a number of species can produce serotonin and gamma- aminobutyric acid, that is, neuroactive substances that mediate various processes in the human brain. Psychobitics have antidepressant and antioxolytic effects. Typically Psychobiotics are used for irritable bowel syndrome. But Bifidumbacterin can stop signs of chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. The effect is associated with the anti-inflammatory aspect of the psychobiotic and a decrease in the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and the level of adrenergic activity. Experimental data show that bifidumbacterin improves the physical condition of children with autism and restores adequate behavior.

The effectiveness of the treatment of depression, autism with psychobiotics needs to be confirmed, but the fact that drugs containing microorganisms affect the mental state of a person is undoubtedly. Imbalance in microflora contributes to the activation of pro-inflammatory factors in the human body, contributing to the development of many mental diseases, ranging from autism to schizophrenia. The search for microbiological markers of mental illness is of both scientific and practical interest. This approach reflects an integrated holistic approach to the etiology and pathogenesis of mental illness.

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