Month: February 2022

What can be done for a person with depression and can you help

Anastasia Maksimova is a journalist, editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, and writer. In 2017, she was diagnosed with clinical depression. Nastya coped with the disease and wrote a detailed guide to depression to help people in a similar condition. This is a book based on modern scientific research and the author’s personal experience – about how […]

Black days and golden years, or depression in the elderly. What are the reasons and what to do?

Despite the fact that older people are better at coping with emotions due to experience, they often become depressed. Why this happens, what are the symptoms of depression and how to understand that your parents and grandparents need help, says André Alemand . Misfortune never comes alone While visiting her 75-year-old mother, Connie, Karen (48) […]

How to help a loved one with depression

In the book Depression Canceled, psychotherapist Richard O’Connor argues that when communicating with friends, colleagues, relatives, a depressed person makes many mistakes that can aggravate the disease. But at the same time, a depressed person really needs support and social contacts. So what is the right strategy: stay alone or learn to interact with other […]

Antidepression – Mission Possible

Depression is a severe and common illness. There are many reasons – the economic crisis, problems at work, misunderstanding of relatives and loved ones, eternal dissatisfaction with oneself. Depression can be hereditary, atypical, psychosomatic, seasonal, postpartum , etc. In the book, all aspects, causes and consequences are considered in detail. But we are not talking […]