Month: May 2020

Depression – doctors called the most dangerous age of a person

Scientists believe that at 44 years old, people have a particularly significant risk of depression. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a steady decline in mood, motor inhibition, and a violation of a person’s habitual thinking.   Scientists from the University of Warwick (UK) said: “The maximum risk of depression is 44 years.”   […]

Spring people are more likely to suffer from schizophrenia and anorexia

Scientists from Britain are finding out what factors make young people refuse to eat because of fear of gaining extra pounds. This problem is much deeper and more serious than it seems at first glance. Anorexia is a severe mental disorder, which quite often leads to a deplorable result. Often the development of anorexia can be […]

Stress drives students to drugs

University of Michigan experts say stress greatly affects students’ health. During the session, which in itself is a stress on the body, the student’s hand more often reaches for stimulants: energy drinks, drugs that stimulate the body’s activity (ecstasy, cocaine). The ever-increasing purely students who are dependent on these types of narcotic substances have seriously excited the […]

Treatment of depression brings benefits to a person

Ian Colman, an epidemiologist at the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama, recently reassured a study on the long-term benefits a person can get from treating a depression or just a chronic mental depression. The data from this study was taken from the funds of the US National Demographic Medical Center. This study says […]

Depressed mood intensifies bouts of pain

Researchers from the University of Oxford came to the conclusion that pain is not accidentally exacerbated at the moment when a person is dressed up or depressed. They wanted to test this phenomenon empirically, and it turned out that the pain intensifies when two factors combine: bodily malaise and psychological depression. Depression and pain are very often […]

Unhealthy diet harms mental health

Proper nutrition involves eating vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods. However, modern people often prefer to eat pizza and sushi, hot dogs and hamburgers, which negatively affects mental health. This is especially noticeable in young adolescents. Talk about the relationship between the nature of human nutrition and his psyche in the scientific community has been going on for […]