Stress drives students to drugs

University of Michigan experts say stress greatly affects students’ health. During the session, which in itself is a stress on the body, the student’s hand more often reaches for stimulants: energy drinks, drugs that stimulate the body’s activity (ecstasy, cocaine). The ever-increasing purely students who are dependent on these types of narcotic substances have seriously excited the public and doctors. Overuse of stimulants can lead to serious medical consequences.

One of the side effects of the use of stimulants for the period of the session is a headache, irritability, a depressed state of the psyche, depression, pain in the stomach. Long-term abuse of stimulants causes even greater consequences, the student can “earn” hypertension and stroke. Doctors have long noticed a tendency for students to use means of stimulating the body in order to withstand the period of the session. Now they are sounding the alarm and urging parents to monitor the state of their children.

This trend is also beginning to spread to high school students. A fragile organism responds to stimulants much more actively, as a result of which a side effect from drugs is increasingly being diagnosed – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). According to statistics, approximately 25% of schoolchildren use either energy drinks or stimulating narcotic substances. Parents who notice inappropriate child behavior should check to see if they are using energy.

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