Kangaroo is the best cure for depression

It turns out that you can get rid of depression with the help of a kangaroo. So did the forty-year-old resident of Broken Erow in Oklahoma. The woman’s kangaroo bears the name Irwin.

The American does not leave her “foster child” alone – she takes it with her on a shopping trip, carries it in a car in a chair for children, treats it with waffles and nuts, which the kangaroo loves.

Not so long ago, an American suffered from severe depression. To eliminate the painful condition, experts recommended spending more time with animals, for example, in a shelter. It was there that the woman met the kangaroo. After receiving an injury, he decided to leave him and eventually left to live with her.

After the damage, the kangaroo remained partially paralyzed, but the hostess’s attention and care helps him recover. In turn, the American assures that after the appearance of a kangaroo in her life, depression no longer bothers her.

The woman even won the lawsuit initiated by neighbors fearing a kangaroo, as keeping a wild animal in a house is always dangerous. The court found that Irwin could very well live in a person’s house, because, firstly, he was partially immobilized and. it means that it is not dangerous, and secondly, the kangaroo is a healing animal that saves its mistress from depression.

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