Treatment of depression brings benefits to a person

Ian Colman, an epidemiologist at the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama, recently reassured a study on the long-term benefits a person can get from treating a depression or just a chronic mental depression. The data from this study was taken from the funds of the US National Demographic Medical Center. This study says that when treating depression with antidepressants, a person has a lower risk of a reoccurring depression. A person who is trying to get out of depression without the help of antidepressants, according to the study, can become depressed again with a higher probability within eight years.

These studies concerned only adults, children and adolescents were not taken into account. Today, according to Jan Coleman, the treatment of depression is associated with short-term benefits, with the one that a person will receive when improving his well-being. This benefit is determined both by emotional bonuses (a good relationship with others, an active life position), and material benefits, which follow from the fact that a person begins to work actively and does not get so tired as if he had depression. This researcher thought that treating depression with or without antidepressant drugs can provide long-term benefits, that is, the period of depression will not recur.

Scientists say that a depressive state needs to be treated for a little longer than it is now. Treatment is stopped at the first symptoms of relief, although there was no deep resolution of the problems that led the person to depression. All this is a guarantee that a depressed state will overtake him again soon, and he will again suffer material and emotional losses. Moreover, depression always develops gradually, which gives her the opportunity to influence a person longer.

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