Depression – doctors called the most dangerous age of a person

Scientists believe that at 44 years old, people have a particularly significant risk of depression.

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a steady decline in mood, motor inhibition, and a violation of a person’s habitual thinking.


Scientists from the University of Warwick (UK) said: “The maximum risk of depression is 44 years.”


Before making such a conclusion, scientists analyzed the data obtained during a series of studies involving more than 2 million people from 80 countries. The analysis showed that after the onset of the 40th anniversary, many people begin a psychological decline.


By the age of 44, according to scientists, the negative process, becoming more and more intense, often takes the form of real depression.


“The risk of developing depression at this age does not depend on the level of income and education, and is maximum for both family people with children and single people,” scientists said.


At the same time, the authors of the project noted that the psychological decline in question is gradually passing by the age of 50. As a result, it marks a mental restructuring of the body in connection with the approaching aging.


“If the“ midlife crisis ”is successfully overcome, the psychological health of an elderly person will in no way be inferior to the psyche of 20-year-olds,” the researchers said.


Note that just the other day a group of scientists from the UK, USA and Australia during a large-scale experiment revealed the existence of 44 depression genes. Every person has a gene from this genetic collection, experts said.

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